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Zero-Sum Game

By Stephanie Peters


"Zero-Sum Game" is a short film currently being produced by final year students at DKIT. The film is the practical application of our final year dissertation entitled "Investigating the Use of The Long Take in 21st Century Cinema". On a dark January evening, a secondary school teacher must confront a mysterious tormentor while trying to keep his grip on reality.

The crew at "Zero-Sum Game" are as follows:
Brian McQuaile - Director
Stephanie Peters - Producer
Karl Walsh - Cinematographer and Writer
Jay Peter Javeri - Audio
Megan Mullen - Editor and 1st AC

All of our team are completing their final year in film-making at DKIT. All crew members have previous experience of working on student short films along with experience of working in industry. Filming is scheduled for late April 2017 followed by a festival release over Summer and Autumn 2017.  

We are part crowd funding our project due to time and resource constraints. As this is our final year project we are also writing a dissertation along side making our film. Due to this lack of time and resources we have chosen to part crowdfund our project. We are hosting events such as pub quizzes and raffles, along with team members inputing their own monies into the budget to fund the project.

As we are students we need help in raising money for our film. The money raised from this fundraising initiative will go towards locations, props, transport and catering for our cast and crew.

As with any student production there are challenges involved, such as securing locations and funding however we meet those challenges head on and our production has planned accordingly.

Our sincere thanks for your interest in the project. We hope that you will contribute to our film if you are in a position to, and if not, that you will follow and get to see our film very soon Thank you so much for your time.