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Yngve & The Innocent Debut Album Release

By Yngve & The Innocent


We have recorded and mastered an album that we are very excited about and proud of but we need your help to get it out into the world. Last year we spent 20 days recording in Londons Soup Studio with Simon Trought at the helm and the songs were beautifully mastered by Graeme Wilson [R.I.P.]. This album is the culmination of 3 years spent touring and recording and is, in our humble opinion, the best we have been able to capture our sound.

Your money will go towards pressing the album onto CD's in beautiful packaging and towards efficient promotion through Bloody Awful Poetry a PR company we used for our last single 'Draw A Line' which got us lots of favourable coverage in print and online media and got us played on BBC Radio 2 by Steve Lemacq.

Finally it will help us to acquire a new (newer!) tour bus to get us around and protect us from the elements while we're on the road. We had to sell our previous one as it no longer met the London Low Emission Zone Criteria.

We're a hard working band and last year played over 100 shows across the UK, Ireland + Spain. As an independent band, touring is the lifeblood of our existence and a way to get our music to the people and to build up a fan-base. Without a vehicle to do this in we are no better off than a bird with clipped wings. This year we're embarking on our first German Tour in March but as of yet have no means of getting there!

We have a wide variety of rewards available.. every single reward purchased helps get us one step closer to releasing this album and getting us on the road. Please spread the word and if you're able and willing to help us we will be forever grateful,

Lots of love and thanks in advance,

Yngve & The Innocent