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Wreckless Indoor Skatepark + Media Hub

By Wreckless Skate Shop And Indoor Park


G.A.S (Gorey Action Sports) in association with Wreckless Indoor Skatepark and Skateshop are looking to give the youth a home to express themselves freely throughout the good and bad weather. Action spots is a medium in which freedom of expression through tricks is key. From the moment you step on your board/bike/skates/scooter/longboard every movement is an extension of passion and creativity. Each park, spot, or hill is its own canvas, our boards, bikes and scooters are the brush. With endless amounts of trick variation everyone has the chance to do a trick that has never been done and give it a new name. Finding our limits and pushing past them has always been at the core of the Action Sports world. But to fuel the passion to push past our limits, we need a place to gather and express ourselves through movement. To get outsiders perspective on something new, which will help to learn and push ourselves farther.

G.A.S would like to offer every Action Sports fan this felicity, where the only limits are the ones you walk in with, a place to call home, to film, take photos, ride free, hard, just for fun, or to take an idea and put it down. Wreckless Indoor Skatepark will be a beacon for free expression and will help to fuel the youth’s creativity in a friendly non-pressuring environment. We are looking for you to help us with this dream.

We will be using some of the money to help create a media hub. This Hub, along with a flow of Skaters, BMX Riders and Scooter Riders, will feed the passion of the up-and-coming movie makers, photographers, entrepreneur, and artist, without whom our world would not work. The Riders need the Photographers, the Movie Makers, the Artists the Entrepreneurs as much as they need the riders, a symbiotic relationship between the two, which ultimately lets all involved leave their mark for the next generation. The Hub will allow an even greater level of collaboration between all the parties involved as all the facilities will be housed in one building. From the park, to the camera, to the editing and out into the world, before you even leave. This is an essential part of Action Sports, to leave behind something for the next generation to build on.