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WillFredd Theatre present FARM

By WillFredd Theatre


A Message from Sophie- WillFredd’s Artistic Director

I grew up in a rural sheep farming community, and have always been both fascinated and confused as to how it is possible to live in two such different worlds – that of the urban community, one of bricks and buildings and frantic pace – and of the rural; a world of cycles and insularity, where work takes as long as it takes.

Having spent the last ten years of my life living in Dublin, I moved out to rural County Wicklow in October last year. I live on a cattle, pig and sheep farm. Every morning I wake up and work on the farm for a few hours, then I take off my muddy boots and head into the City to rehearse a play. The two existences are of such different rhythms, yet both are stimulating in their own way.

After our production of FOLLOW last year, I was chatting to a group of Deaf Farmers who had not only travelled a long way to see the show, but spoke at length (in ISL!) about the stories in FOLLOW which had specifically reminded them of their own experiences growing up on farms. Being Deaf didn’t change the nature of their work, or their emotional engagement to it. This encounter, in addition to my recent immersion in the rural community has led me to consider farming practice in Ireland.

My own position being straddled between these two communities– the city and the countryside – has given me the desire to combine them. So many people who were born in Irish cities are no more than two or three generations from the land, a rarity in modern Europe. It is these roots which have been forgotten in the rush and bustle of city life.

FARM is WillFredd Theatre’s most ambitious project to date. It will be an interruption of space and will run as part of the ABSOLUT Fringe Festival 9th-16th September.

We are taking over a warehouse on Pearse Street and are building a show that will pull the countryside into the city and unearth the farmer inside our audience! We will tell stories that come from the amazingly diverse rural and suburban communities that we have been working with over the past six months. Our experiences thus far have provided boundless energy and excitement for the collaboration between WillFredd and these groups. We are currently in the (very busy) R and D phase of this project.

Although WillFredd Theatre are in a really fortuitous position to have been awarded funding we still have some costs that have to be met. We need to raise money to help cover the cost of renting our venue, the performers need to be dressed and the horse still needs to be fed!

Any contribution no matter the size will be hugely appreciated.

Your pledge will help make this HUGE project happen.

You can be part of building FARM.

Come on. Join us. Get your hands dirty!



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