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Where Were You!

By Still Films With Garry O'Neill


A celebration of Dublin Street Style covering 50 years of youth culture. Through our photography book and documentary we’ll illustrate an exciting area of Irish social history.

Over the past 4 years Garry O’Neill has been collecting images of Dublin Street culture from both personal and print archives. Garry is close to publication of his photography book Where Were You! which documents street style in Dublin over the past 50 years. Alongside the publishing of this book, we will produce an accompanying feature length documentary, interviewing the people in the pictures.

We see this project as a three stage process.

The first stage will be the release of Gary’s beautiful book which he has put together from an amazing archive of images covering decades of fashion history.

The second stage will be the research and development of the project and the completion of a short documentary, which will be used to secure funding for a feature length documentary.

The third stage will be the production and release of a full feature length documentary.

This project will be of great appeal to music and fashion fans, those with an interest in photography and social history. While the book has not only the cult appeal of FaceHunter, it is also of general interest to the generations covered.

In terms of the documentary, we aim to follow the success of our documentary Pyjama Girls and other Irish documentaries His and Hers and The Pipe as a hit in the cinema and on DVD. We’ve an innovative distribution campaign for the release of the book and film, and we've even discussed the possibilities of releasing a soundtrack of Dublin bands to accompany this book. We think that the project has potential as an international format; with books and documentaries covering street culture in other cities.

How Will Your Money Be Used?

The money that we hope to raise via Fund it will be split 50/50 between contributing towards the publishing costs of the book and the costs of developing the documentary. €3250 will contribute towards publishing costs while our development budget for the documentary is €3250, covering the costs of a researcher and the production of the short documentary promo.

We believe this is a really exciting project to get involved in and to contribute to. This project will not only document the history of street style and culture in Dublin, but will also celebrate an aspect of Irish life which we feel really needs to be celebrated.

Your contribution is crucial to getting the project up and running. We hope that you’re as excited about Where Were You! as we are.

Sinead Ni Bhroin, Maya Derrington & Garry O’Neill



Where Were You! Just one week left!

Hi Everybody, Thanks a mil for getting on board the project - we're so excited to see so many people behind this project. With just a little over a week left to raise our target amount it would be fantastic if you could spread the word to your friends/family/colleagues and encourage them to get on board. Remember the quicker we raise the target amount, the quicker you'll receive your benefits! Tell all your friends! Tweet about us @StilFIlms, #fundit 'Like' our Facebook page http://on.fb.me/ibika7 and recommend your friends to do the same! Share the Fund:it page: http://www.fundit.ie/project/where-were-you Thanks Everybody!

Cool Le Cool!

Big thanks to Le Cool for a great article about Garry's Where Were You! photo collection - see http://dublin.lecool.com/dublin/en/issue/459 And check out Le Cool's own Fund:it campaign at http://www.fundit.ie/project/le-cool-dublin-walking-tours

Congrats to Susanne Rogers!

Congrats Susanne Rogers - send me an email sinead at still films dot org and we can organise getting that prize to you! A big thanks to everyone who has lent their support so far. Don't forget to spread the word on the project: send ourFund:it link to all your friends Tweet about us @StilFIlms, #fundit recommend our Facebook page http://on.fb.me/ibika7 Best Sinead

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