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VUDU NATION - Album Launch & Tour Appeal

By Vudu Nation


Hello from Bernard Fleming & Oisin Daly. AKA - Vudu Nation

Connected by an almost insane love of creating music we first started collaborating 2 years ago. Having come from diverse musical backgrounds and visions it fast became apparent our differences suited the more experimental sides of our nature.

Following over a year on the road as RUBEN S7ONE which incurred the usual Rock & Roll drama such as members coming & going, equipment lost/stolen, broken & our jeep blowing up on a day which ended with the highlight of playing at the CORK x SOUTHWEST 2011 festival alongside such great names as JAPE, FRED, YUCK, & the amazing PATTI SMITH.
Our reputation as a band on stage was one of high energy married with strong musicianship. That will always be our minimum going forward.

Following the departure of two members of the band we decided instead of recruiting new members to end the chapter that was RUBEN S7ONE and deliver the long overdue EP that we had planned.

So this brings us to now....... &


With a brand new approach what was an EP fast became a Concept double album due to the impossible task of choosing which songs to omit.......

The album....... "BINARY"

Which is due for release in early April 2012 featuring a high profile LAUNCH GIG in CORK which will be the culmination of over two years writing, arranging and production experimentation. We believe we have found our niche.

With that as you well know self funding any project of this nature & magnitude is a strain on all resources, especially financial. Though we appreciate how tough times are we believe in our abilities and potential to deliver to a standard and uniqueness in our music and we are aiming to achieve at the highest possible level.

This is where you guys come in. We have an ethos in our music that it is for everyone, So it gives us great satisfaction in reaching out to you for assistance as you can have a hand in any of our present & future development & achievement.  Any & all funds raised are allocated directly to the costs of recording, mastering & marketing as well as the pressing & delivery of the CDs, posters etc. These funds will be spent predominantly in Ireland to support our small business economy so you are also making a difference from the ground level up.

The level of funding we are seeking is a small but very significant percentage of the costs we will incur in 2012 whilst delivering our sound live to you in Ireland & beyond.


Please take some time out to listen to us on Soundcloud, Reverb Nation and also on Facebook.

We would like to thank you in advance for your kindness & support.......




15 March update

Sorry we have been a bit slow with the updates but it's been a busy week..... where to start.... First off we have procured and began work on our new Production Studio located in Sample Studios on the 3rd floor of the old Fas building in Cork. This will be a massive help to us for speeding up our work for the album and for future projects, a big shout out to Edward Hurley for giving us a helping hand getting in the door. We have also confirmed a date for Balcony TV which will be the 21st April and we have something very special planned so be sure not to miss it ;).... Aside from that were still on schedule with the album, first single will be off for Mastering this weekend so we're very excited about that... still really busy recording in CSM and organising our video shoot for our first promo video which will coincide with our single launch gig in early May. Date TBC so keep posted for updates and hope to see y'all there....... I think that about wraps it up for this update.... dont forget only 32 days left to fund if you feel that way inclined ;) ... Thank for your continued support... VN

Single launch

Hey all, just popping in to give a quick update on where we are with our project and our progress so far... This weekend we recorded the final drums for the album at Cormac O Connors amazing MAPLE ROOMS STUDIO in Ringabella with Finny Corcoran which went amazingly well so a big thank you to the lads. Also a big thanks to Bryan Curtis for doing an amazing job on the kit and we wish him all the best on his quest to foreign lands to conquer the jazz world. This is a huge step along the way and we are back in the CSM Studio with Sean Duane to record remaining guitars and vocals over the next two weeks which will be most of the recording out of the way. However due to the very high standard we have set ourselves with the production we have decided to push the album launch back to early summer..... but don't worry we know you are waiting to hear some return so we have decided to do a single launch for what will be our first official release ''FALLING'' due out early May. Anybody who donates towards the album will receive the single absolutely FREE along with a number of EXCLUSIVE remixes that you wont' be able to get anywhere else. So keep posted for more updates as we also have some potential BIG news that we're keeping under wraps at the moment. Cheers to all and thank you for your ongoing support....... VN

February 22nd Update

Hi to all funders & other supporters... Just a quick brief on progress to date.. We've started the final recording s in The Cork School of Music so we are assured of top quality audio for the final cut of the album tracks. It has begun to show dividends on track one which we are considering for debut single.. Progress is slow at this level but we promise you nothing but the best. More updates to follow & again many thanks to all who have helped or are about to.... Spread the word if you feel it... Peace & Love :-) "One Nation... Vudu Nation"

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