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Video for Children Seeking Asylum

By Irish Refugee Council


June and July 2013 were busy months for the Irish Refugee Council and the IRC Youth. Dublin City University hosted two IRC summer camps for young people on asylum law. The first summer camp was a 3 day overnight camp for 7 youth facilitators who would be responsible for learning the ins and outs of the asylum process in Ireland. They then ran the July camp which was open to children and young people up to the age of 18. 16 young people participated in this camp.

The Youth are from a variety of backgrounds and countries and many have been (or are going) through the asylum process themselves!

The overall purpose of this camp was to work towards packaging information about the asylum process in an accessible and child-friendly way. The IRC Youth are hard at work finalising content for a booklet + DVD for this purpose.

The young people are creating a video that will feature a step-by-step introduction to the different stages of seeking asylum (eg arrival, interview, finger printing, etc). The video will show what happens at each step, where it happens and who will be there (eg lawyers, interpreters, etc).

The overall objective is to make the application process less scary by letting children know what to expect!

There will also be a booklet to support the video and a game for all users to explore the asylum process!

The young people have already developed the content and are hard at work on the script and putting together ideas for the animation overlay of the video. As a collective, the youth decided that the best way to let children know about asylum in Ireland would be to use actual footage of the places a child asylum seeker would encounter with animated characters to explain what happens at each point after arrival.

The next steps for the youth group: Meet with cinematographer, animators and gamers to explain what they want their project to look like. Record the script using their own voices.

The young people will also be working with the relevant State bodies to make sure the have accurate and up-to-date information before finalising!

The IRC Youth are working with independent and up-and-coming photographers, animators, filmmakers and gamers to keep costs as low as possible!

This Fund it campaign is to cover production and printing costs estimated at €3,100.