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An Artists Residency in Venice.

By Alexa Sleator


My name is Alexa Sleator and I am a visual artist based in Northern Ireland. I enjoy combining a variety of media such as painting, printmaking and photography to explore concepts and ideas that I find personally fascinating. I studied art and design at the University of Ulster in Belfast before moving to Japan to gain insight into a completely different culture and partake on my first textile design internship with a Japanese textile company.

My 2011-2012 projects include a collaborative exhibition in Osaka, Japan, poster design with 'Pigstock Music Festival', Killinchy, and working as a costume assistant on the set of 'Game Of Thrones' season 3.

An artists residency provides a dedicated space and time where an artist can focus on creating artwork and use equipment that one would not have access to otherwise. It is rare to have such an opportunity to combine both travel and artwork simultaneously and I believe this experience will significantly inspire my artwork.

This residency will be juried for possible inclusion in the Venice Printmaking Biennale exhibition and catalogue. This exhibition provides an opportunity for emerging artists to exhibit their work alongside master artists and to learn from and be inspired by artists of international reputation. In this respect this exhibition is a perfect meeting ground, providing the time and space for artists and art enthusiasts to compare, contrast and exchange thoughts on the prints and the art of printmaking.

Some of the works I create during the residency will permanently become part of the Venice Printmaking Studio collection and will be exposed in exhibitions during the year, this means I also need to set a budget aside to have these works framed and mounted properly.

I am investing £2,800 of my own money into this project. Iv been working hard to save the money and it has taken me quite some time so any support whatsoever would be extremely appreciated.

The money you put towards this project will go towards the fee which covers the use of the studio and accommodation, materials such as paper, plates and silkscreen supplies and will help me cover the costs of shipping artworks back to Belfast. I am happy to cover all shipping costs of my rewards and I hope they will allow me to share a piece of my experience with you.

I'd really like to thank you for taking the time to read about my project and a sincere thank you for any support.

Alexa Sleator



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