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Úna Keane - Album Vinyl Release

By Úna Keane


Hi everyone, I'm a Pianist / Composer from Dublin and write music in the ambient / neo-classical genre. I work mostly with piano and also use electronics, looping, a typewriter, soundscapes and field recordings. I love to experiment and to improvise.

On November 27th I released COLLABORATIONS, a live album. I played my first headline show at Dublin's Pepper Canister Church earlier this year on March 5th (just before the world changed..), and was lucky enough to have some amazing musicians / friends come join me on the night: Liam Ó'Maonlaí, Stephen Shannon, Lowli, Gareth Quinn Redmond & Ronán Conroy. The concert was recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam KJ, and Adam & I co-produced.

"Opening with the tranquil sound of birds in an idyllic forest, 'Silvaticus // Sunrise' is a fitting beginning to Collaborations and places the theme of Mother Nature at centre stage. Dreamy lead single 'Hollow' brings the slow tempo of Keane's piano melodies for an elevated and sparse elegance, only introducing elements of violin, Stephen Shannon's arpeggiated electronics or smattered vocals when absolutely necessary. The musician's subtle layering of instruments matched with beautiful yet complex piano composition allow the audience to connect a feeling to each enchanting song. Liam Ó'Maonlaí's vocals and Lowli's musical prowess add an enriching new dimension to 'Rivers' and 'As the Mood Takes You' respectively.

Despite the fact that the musicians had never played together in a live setting before, Keane's clean piano work and lack of confinement within genre boundaries means that her fellow artists can each make their own beautiful mark on Collaborations. Concluding with 'Seas Ascending', featuring Ronán Conroy's unique organ work, brings the climate back to the forefront and firmly on a pedestal. A live album with an ethereal ambiance, Úna Keane's compositions demand to be heard live" - Hot Press

I'm delighted with how the album has been received, and would love to have it available on CD & Vinyl. There's nothing quite like the sound or feel of Vinyl. There's something so special, so tangible about this format. This project was made possible through the generous sharing of talents, and financed on a shoe-string. The only way my bank balance would allow ;) So, I'm asking for your help. 

Excited to share this music with you. You can listen to the Album here (just scroll down a tiny bit..)

The full crowd-funding target of 2,500.00 euro (minus Fund it admin costs) will go towards the cost of having the album pressed to Vinyl & CD. I'm working with Rotator, a company based out of Dublin, and all going well will have Vinyl & CDs ready by early March. I'm hoping with your help that I can I reach my target by Christmas Day! Ambitious yes, but hopefully together we can make it happen :)

I've a number of Rewards to offer in exchange for your support ::

Thanks for your help with this. I really appreciate it so very much -
Úna x

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Hi again.. 
For some reason the end of my last message got cut off.. so: P.S : 

Wanted to let you know that there's a Vinyl CD edition of 'Collaborations' in production too, which will replicate the Vinyl edition in every way, except that it'll be a CD ;)

This will be ready to post out on the 26th of July. I'll be in touch with you individually by email on Monday morning to verify details.

Finally: There's a special Bonus gift coming your way in the autumn, as a thank you for your patience on the production delays. Much appreciated. 


'Collaborations' Vinyl Release for Record Store Day

It’s Record Store Day! Signed copies of ‘Collaborations’ on Limited Edition Vinyl are available at Tower Records Dublin, Hen’s Teeth Store & via  www.unakeane.com. Funders / Bandcamp Pre-orderers: expect your copy to arrive soon

Some Bonus tracks in the works.. as a special Thank You x

Hope this finds you well, wherever you may be.
You must be wondering where your copy of "Collaborations" is, as it was due to start shipping at the end of April. Well, we got word from our Vinyl Pressing plant in Poland a couple weeks back that there would be an extended delay, and I've been meaning to get in touch to update you all. Unfortunately it will be the end of June before we'll be in a position to post you out your copy of the record (same for CDs). Rotator Vinyl, who we're working with explained the reasons behind the delay thus: 
"delay is caused by the dramatic overcapacity level of vinyl pressing in the market, caused partly by covid delays, potential opening of venues in the UK and EU giving rise to orders being reactivated, return to work giving rise to projects being completed from pre lockdown days, shortness of supply of material, record store day and the accumulation of all of the above!"
I'm sorry about this, it's frustrating for us all, and for Rotator especially ;) As a special thank you for your continued patience, I'm adding these extras: 
+ 2 brand new tracks (piano & electronics, recorded in my home studio this year)

+ the Cardboard Artwork Insert will now be 4-sided, instead of the original 2-sides 
{The bonus tracks will be available for digital download at the end of June for all our Funders and for those who've pre-ordered via Bandamp}
Finally, the plan is to release a Double A-side Single from the record next month. I wanted to ask you if you had a preference for which tracks? One has been decided, but I wanted to see what you guys thought for the other ;) 
Would love to hear what you think 

An update..

Hope you're well.

I've been meaning to get in touch to let you know how things have been progressing in terms of having 'Collaborations' pressed to Vinyl & CD.

Excited to share the Vinyl Artwork with you here - Sleeve Art and Vinyl Onbody. There's also a Card Insert in the works, which will feature a collage of Black & White photos from the concert on one side, and Credits / Thank Yous on the other: 

Really enjoying seeing it all come together, but I will say that I've been working at a slower pace than I might otherwise given that Willow's creche has been closed the past couple months ;) 

That being said, the good news is that the Vinyl Test Pressing is due to arrive next week, and we're excited to get to hold it in our hands. It's been great to work with Peter Jones @ Rotator Vinyl on the artwork / Vinyl pressing, as well as help from Adam KJ, who co-produced the album with me. 

Assuming all is well with the Test Pressing, we're looking at an 8 week lead-time to receive the first batch of Vinyl. That'll bring us up to the end of April though - one month later than originally planned. I hope you don't mind waiting that bit longer... 

In terms of CDs, I'm actually still working out the Artwork / design format for these. I had hoped to go for a Bound-book format, which would have been really swanky, but turns out that this would be beyond our current budget, even given your very generous support ;) However, I've been looking into a few really cool options, and I think I may adopt a more DIY artsy approach here, and have a few nice ideas up my sleeve.. 

What I'm now planning is to have both Vinyl & CD ready for the end of April, so again, I really appreciate your patience. And for your amazing support for making this dream a reality. It's very cool! 

As a small thank you to you, we're going to include a Bonus track for you guys. Available to download via a code that will be included on the Card Insert you'll receive with your Vinyl / CD: Spoken word footage of some of the on-stage banter from the show. Some interesting insights into how the album flowed as it did, considering that a good deal of it was improvised on the night.. 

I'll be in touch next week with new on the Test Pressing. Til then - 

Úna x



Thank You!

A little Thank You video

Hi, hope you're well, despite the weird times we find ourselves in. Wanted to send a message of thanks for your generous support of my Crowdfunding campaign just before Christmas. I was so delighted to reach my target with your help. This means that 'Collaborations' is getting a Vinyl / CD release this Spring, and that's thanks to you! 

I've started working with Rotator Vinyl this week on a test pressing of the record, as the Vinyl process takes longer than that for CDs. I'm in my element - it's just great to be in a position to be able to do this. I'm working on the Artwork myself - great to be able to indulge my artistic streak ;) We should receive the Test pressing of the record by the end of the month (it takes 3 weeks), and from there, it's looking like 2 months to have the Vinyl pressed. While Rotator is based in Dublin, the Vinyl Pressing facility we're using is in Poland. So, all going well, I should be in a position to post you your copy of the Vinyl (or CDs if you prefer) by the end of March. CDs will be quicker, but I'm not exactly sure of dates as yet, as I'm going with a more complex than usual, really gorgeous handbound book style design, so we need to research this a little more. I think you're going to love it though :)

I'll know more in the next week to 10 days about time-line for CDs, so will be sure to update to you once I have a shape on it.. 

in the mean-time, I'll be in touch with each of you with a reward-specific email next week. Til then,

Úna x


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