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Twenty Ten



On the first day of 2010, we sent out an open call for people to join our “2010 Game”. Over fifty people signed up online. They received an email asking them a simple question, “What have you learned today?” and we received their answers anonymously. We asked them this question every day for one year. Throughout the year, more and more people started playing. We now have over 4000 of these responses.

Back in April, we spent a week reading and talking about every single one.

We learned that we all felt the same things at the same time. We learned of the poetic and devastating nature of the responses and of the overwhelming sense of comfort provided by bearing witness to the unity and synchronicity of these anonymous writers. We want others to hear what was written.

With Twenty Ten; we are putting the epic year 2010 on the stage in its entirety, interrogating what we as a society have learnt from such a landmark year in our country’s history and we are questioning how our history should be written.

We do not see this as a normal show. It is not like plays we have made before or anything we have ever seen.

This serial epic will be presented as six episodes over six nights. Each episode will cover two months. On the last day there will be an omnibus edition of the entire text. This will all take place at ABSOLUT FRINGE.

Twenty Ten is our most ambitious project to date.

We have endeavoured to take our work outside of the traditional framework of theatre in Ireland. Since our foundation we have aimed to make THEATREclub a part of the cultural and social fabric of Ireland. We have earned ourselves a place on a stage; through hard work, dedication and determination. We have been given a platform and we feel the onus to use it. Our work has tackled issues of heroin and the history surrounding its rise in Dublin; suicide and the feeling of futility in trying to reach young men; the wrong choices and bad decisions that can be made in the pursuit of trying to be happy; and analysing what it feels like to be part of the young Irish who were promised a world of endless opportunities but graduated into a country that crumbled.

We firmly believe in theatre; It’s power to amaze, enchant, enlighten and to change. We see theatre as something that can start a discussion and maybe change the world around us a bit. And can still be entertaining and engaging.

So many people have come on board and joined us over the past two years. People have believed in us and believed that our work is important.

This taught us about having faith.

We have faith in the necessity of the conversations we want to start. We need you to help us start them.

Thank you.

Shane, Doireann and Grace




The Home Stretch

We are writing to you from the beautiful surrounds of Annamaghkerrig where we are hoping to breath life into this amazing text. Thank you so much to everyone who has funded us so far- we have 13 days to go and we are 40% funded. This project needs to happen. You can help us by sharing the link online, or just by talking about it (maybe even in real life!) Some of our rewards are sold out but we still have 44 of Doireann's beautifully handcrafted coffee table books of the entire twenty ten text (juicy) up for grabs. AND don't forget we'll even go to your house and make you dinner!


well it's the end of our first week and we're well on our way! we're genuinely overwhelmed by how positive the response has been so far... we here at THEATREclub HQ know how hard it is to part with hard earned cash (in this day and age) so we feel honored that people believe in what we're doing and what to support it. We've still along way to go- so keep spreading the word! THANK YOU.

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