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Trinitones - Tour of the Land Downunder

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Provost Prendergast was tired of us singing in Front Square, and the Gardaí wanted us off Grafton Street so they exiled us to Botany Bay. We misunderstood. We’ve heard a lot about Australia - goon, cobbers & coldies. We want to experience it all. Poor little Barra has always dreamed of petting a kangaroo. Surely you want to let Barra get punched by a kangaroo?

In all seriousness Trinitones are about to embark on an epic journey, to a land where no Irishman has ever gone before.......

We are working all year and throughout summer to make sure we get to Oz, but we need your help! After we played host to Trinity College Melbournes TigerTones, we have been formally invited to perform there and travel Australia. We are touring Melbourne to Sydney, while spreading our own style of unorthodox a cappella throughout the country. We can not do it without your help. We are applying to Fund it to assist with travel costs and tour logistics. We already have several performances lined up in Sydney and Melbourne but we are looking forward to hearing from you about future gigs.


In case our renown is unbeknownst to you, Trinitones have performed at major venues including Aviva Stadium, Croke Park, The Mansion House, The Shelbourne Hotel, and are considered festival regulars at Electric Picnic and Trinity Ball. As performers, mind you. Our corporate clients have included Google, Cadbury, Teeling, and Boodles.

With an ever-changing lineup and a diverse repertoire that spans genres from the Baroque to the Beyoncé, Trinitones continues to promote high quality a cappella music with an energetic and engaging live show that is not to be missed. Seriously, come to our gigs.


The Ozzie equivalent to the proverbial Elephant.

18 Trinitones are travelling. That is more than the entire group of girls in Madeline, and we are nowhere near as cute. Cost of travel is huge - flights are €1100 return. While we are seeking every grant, disbursement and earning opportunity available, we want to be able to say that even in the smallest way possible, our fans made it possible.


Name assigned to female bovine creatures "downundah". Cow + Sheila = Moolah.

Just joking. It's just money. Here's how our funding goal breaks down:

We've got 18 opportunities for a €500 flight contribution. That's €9000 total. Everything else provides hostel accommodation and transport costs while we're in Australia. We are all willing to "slum it". Except for Neil.

As students, we live off a diet of toast, eggs, coffee and the deep despair of the shrinking job market. When we decided to go to Australia, everyone laughed. But, we're Ireland's most successful a cappella group, with over 150,000 views on our YouTube channel, and exposure in more than 125 countries. Yet, we have only visited three. Including Ireland. This has gotta change.

Thanks in advance, we can't do it without your support.






One Day More

Hello. ONE DAY MORE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qkf0fLU2Ao)! Over the last forty days and forty nights we have traversed the plains of Dublin, in rain, snow, sleet, and occasional bouts of sunshine, spreading the word about our plans to follow a familiar route trodden by generations of Irish people and learn a thing or two about a cappella pop music along the way. We’ve been delighted with the support and the reaction that we’ve had from so many great Dubliners - and not just our friends and family! At 97% funded, we’re on the cusp of making our plans a reality. We’re looking forward to fulfilling your rewards, and are very grateful for your support. With just one day left, we still have a few hundred euro to raise to reach our target. If you know anyone who would be interested in seeing us at our next gig, booking us for their event, or having us do something special for their friends, please share our page with them, and we promise that their funds will get a great reward in return and will go a long way for us. Thanks again for your vote of confidence in us - it’s really appreciated. Fionn Resident Antipodean Trinitones

80% funded!!

Hi all! Wow! We’re 80% funded! Thanks so much to everyone who has aided our fundraising campaign so far. Everybody involved with Trinitones is incredibly grateful for your generous support. With only three days to go, we still have just under €2500 to raise to hit our target. The whole group has been working so hard over the past weeks to make our dream of touring the Land Down Under a reality. So, please, over the next couple of days, keep us in mind – you can help us through donating, or simply telling anyone and everyone – be it your friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, milkmen, postmen or bus drivers - about our FundIt and our tour. Help us extend our reach and expose the good people of Australia to the unique world of Irish a cappella! Once again, thanks a million for the support. We really appreciate it! Andy Tour Manager Trinitones

6 Days To Go!!!

Hey funders! We’re just at the 60% line! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you’ve given us thus far. We appreciate how much you want us out of the country for a bulk of the summer. Thanks for that. We’ve got just 6 days now to reach a little more than 5000 euro. This tour means a huge amount to us as a group – it’s a mark of success that, just 5 years after being founded in 2012, we’ve been given the opportunity to tour Australia with such amazing companions as Melbourne’s Trinity Tiger Tones. The next 6 days will thus be the time we need your help, as our fans, to get us over this final critical hurdle and help us take full advantage of an opportunity we may never get again. So I ask you, if you can, to please just take a couple of minutes out of your day to spread the word about our endeavour, or, if possible, to donate further to our cause. And, did I mention, you’ll have a Trinitones-free Ireland for a whole two weeks? ;) Thanks so much for your support thus far, Matt Master of Coin Trinitones

Approaching 50%

Hey all! Almost 50% funded! We feel pretty great about that, and all of you who helped us should know how thankful we are for the support. We really didn't know so many people liked us so much! We've still got another half to go, and only 10 days to get there. So now, we need your help more than ever to make this tour a reality. We're not just doing it for us--were doing it for you, our fans, too. So please, spread the word and share the campaign. And keep an eye out for us around town! If you hear a bunch of dudes singing mostly in tune, you know it's us. Thanks a mill, everyone! Zach Tour Director Trinitones

Nearly 40% Funded

Hey guys! Thanks again to everyone who has donated so far. We're delighted to have gotten this far so thank you very much. We now have only 19 days left to go so we need to really push to reach our target. It's going to be difficult but it's by no means unacheivable. Again, please spread the word as much as you can, share the campaign with your friends and relatives. We'll be very active on social media as we get closer to the deadline to keep an eye out for some exciting announcements. Thanks again and happy sharing, Sam Public Relations Officer and Social Secretary Trinitones

Over the 10% hurdle

Hey guys! Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far. The response has been great so far. We didn't expect to be over the 10% mark so soon, so thank you. We've still got a long way to go, so if you can, please spread the word and share our campaign so we can make this a reality. Also, keep an eye out on all social media, as we're popping up all over Dublin over the coming weeks doing flash performances to promote the tour. Keep an eye on #ChaseTheTones so you can come watch us perform. Thanks again, Neil Artistic Director Trinitones

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