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Trees Please Calendar 2022

By Tom Jordan


We want to fund the purchase of Irish-grown trees for donation, to be planted by anyone who wishes to do so. Last year we distributed around 1500 trees. At the same time we would like to encourage anyone with an interest in doing so, to start tree nurseries of their own.

This tree-planting calendar will double as a guide to Irish native trees with information on how to identify and grow them from seed or from cuttings.

While some of the money will go towards printing costs, the idea of this calendar is to generate funding for purchasing trees from Irish nurseries.That is where all monies accrued from this campaign will go. As we did last year, we will publish details of our activities and accounts on our social media platforms.

Since we began in 2019 we have organised various workshops and events to help people to learn more about trees and tree planting. We have also started a nursery of our own in an allotment granted to us by Cork City Council at Churchfield. Our ambition is to encourage people to start tree nurseries at home, as well as to plant trees which we hope will help with the climate and biodiversity crises.

We have designers, artists and ecologists who are committed to helping with the content of this calendar. We intend to have it ready to print and distribute by the end of November. We wish to minimise waste while providing a useful written guide that could fund further tree planting this winter. A pre-ordered calendar was proposed as a good idea for achieving both.

€15 per calendar will cover printing as well as postage. We will also have a distribution point at Myo Café in Cork city centre from which those who are willing to do so, can collect their calendar. This option will leave us with a little extra to put towards purchasing trees.

Calendars will be posted as soon as they have returned from the printers and we have details of funders, which should be within the first two weeks of November. This would leave time for those purchasing from abroad to receive their orders. If a calendar gets delayed in the Christmas postal rush, it should arrive in the first week of January. We will update funders on progress with regard to this.

Thank you very much for helping with this project. We appreciate all the enthusiasm and support Trees Please has received. We hope to go on growing trees and helping to make Ireland a more ecologically diverse and beautiful country.



Calendar rewards; trees, talks and woodland walks

Hey Everybody,

This notification really only concerns those who contributed over €50 to the calendar, but keep an eye on the Trees Please fb page for updates on events which will be posted soon and apologies for cross posting.

We were glad to get the calendars sent out, but were so busy doing it that the planting season had slipped away before we got the chance to arrange your other rewards.

Happily you have not been forgotten and already another planting season beckons, so those of you who were expecting to be offered trees (over €100 donation) can claim your reward soon.

Similarly, a woodland walk was offered for those who pitched €50 or more, and we have some of these coming up as well.

Please get in touch with me to claim your rewards as I am currently unable to access the database with your individual contributions and contact details, though some of you will already have received an email from me regarding the walks (I forgot to mention trees in that which is why I'm here again).

We are planning to do another calendar this year, and it will be a little different this time with more visual appeal I hope, but we wanted to get this sorted before we started asking people to support us again.

My email is nilachseall@gmail.com

Please write to me as soon as you can, and I will send you details of how to get your trees or book into one of the upcoming walks.

Once again, thank you very much for your support and keep up the great work. Together we can plant many many trees!

best, Tom Jordan




We've done it, thanks to you all! Just spent the day getting the final images together for our graphic designer Hazel Hurley to finish the layout, I think we will be printing very soon and you will have your calendar in the post within a week or two, with luck. Thanks a million to you all!

Best TomJ

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