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Too Good to Resist

By Underground Films


We’ve been developing Too Good to Resist for over two years since Mary Jane dared Treasa to make a film about Ireland during yet another pub rant. Treasa, the thoughtful one, contemplated the idea. Mary Jane sipped her beer and whispered: 'Ya know what the Greeks' protest chant is? ..."This is Greece, not Ireland, we the workers will resist"'. Treasa decided there and then.

When former minister Brian Lenihan Jnr. congratulated the Irish people on their pragmatism and compliance - “If this was France there’d be riots", says he - we realised how at odds our collective self-understanding and our reaction to the crisis and austerity have been. The paradox prompted us - and many worldwide - to ask, why are the fighting Irish not fighting this? We’re calling on all activists, passive-fists and anyone who wants to make a change. We need YOUR support to make this film!

We've set up a facebook page where you’re welcome to chat, rant and monitor the film's progress: facebook

Remember kids, resistance is not just for Christmas, and it’s no short-lived New Year’s resolution either. We’re fully committed to this project and we hope you will be too…

Who are we? Aka…trust us, we know what we’re doing!

Director/Writer: Treasa O’Brien
Writer/Researcher: Mary Jane O’Leary
Producer: Rachel Lysaght @ Underground Films
Editor: Ariadna Fatjo-Vilas

Treasa is a Kerry filmmaker and writer, and Executive Director of Open City Docs Fest, London. She studied visual art in Limerick, filmmaking in Goldsmiths London and her short films have won awards internationally.

Mary Jane is a Barcelona-based Corkonian international relations researcher. Since graduating with a degree in European Studies from University College Cork, she has worked as a freelance journalist.

Rachel at Underground Films is producing - check out our great track record:
Dreams of a Life  

Where We’re At:

We shot our first interview in May 2011 and have been researching, shooting a little and developing the ideas over the last 18 months with our own money and time. We were delighted to receive development support from the Irish Film Board on day one of our July road trip, when we traveled around Ireland for 3 weeks shooting interviews and gauging the temperature of a very angry nation.

We’re at an important juncture and this is where YOUR contribution can make a real and profound difference to our film – paying for Treasa and Mary Jane’s travel to sites of protest, additional filming and editing. Crucially, your generosity will allow us consolidate and complete our research, and write our Too Good To Resist Bible – the cornerstone this documentary film will be built on.

We want to make THE BEST VERSION of this film. So the more money we raise, the better production we’ll be able to mount. Be a part of it!

Please donate what you can – every euro is greatly appreciated!

Thank you again for your support.