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To print Jewellery Box Hardback Book

By Daragh Muldowney


Hi there, my name is Daragh Muldowney and Jewellery Box - Ireland’s Hidden Gems is an exhibition of photographic images that I shot around the coast of Ireland. I traveled all 17 of these counties and photographed the beautiful colours and shapes within. These ranged from different types of seaweeds to Anemone, Limpets and more.

Accompanying the exhibition there was a small paperback companion which was very popular but there was repeated requests from clients and friends to turn it into a larger formatted hardback book with the images at a bigger size. So, with a designer involved, I set about redesigning the book to make it a lasting and contemporary take on coastal photography in Ireland with the long term view to showcase Ireland’s diverse coast internationally. I have luckily now been invited to exhibit the collection in the Irish Embassy in New York.

This new book will have 144 pages which is 40 more than the companion, it’s overall dimension will now be 310mm x 255mm. There will be 67 images which means plenty of new unseen material. There will be a designed dust cover and more thought and design to the overall look and feel. 10% of the profits will go to ‘Friends of the Earth’.
I plan to print 1000 books which will cost me €8,700 in the printing, and €1,500 in design costs and the great news is that I will be using an Irish printing company called Castle Print in Galway!

The overall purpose of this body of work is to get more people out to the coast to protect and enjoy the natural resource that surrounds us all.
We have a particularly unique coastline for such a small island and the images that you will see in the book are accessible to us all. Just take a spin out to your closest coast at low tide and explore the wonders within. The infinite and diverse beauty that you will find among these hidden pools will ignite a warming light in your spirit that breathes a deep satisfaction to be connecting, once again, with our beloved nature.

Visit my website to find out more and see the whole collection: www.dulra.com



Out of thin air....has gone live!

Hi there, As mentioned on Friday, my new Fundit campaign complete with video has just gone live over on: http://fundit.ie/project/out-of-thin-air# I believe this to be my strongest body of work yet and the book will be a work of art in itself. If you get a chance head on over to the campaign and check it out. I hope that you feel that this is also a project you can get behind to help make it become a reality. I hope to talk to you soon. Kind regards, Daragh

Out of thin air - new book

Hi there, I hope you are well. As mentioned in my last update, I spent last summer exploring the wilds of Greenland photographing ice with a mission to produce a new book. At last it has come to fruition and the book is in it's final design stages. I have been working very closely with 'Read That Image' to produce a work of art in itself. 'Read That Image' are photobook design specialists and are helping me to create something very special. 'Jewellery Box' became a reality because of you and I remain extremely grateful for your support. I am running another Fundit campaign in order to publish 'out of thin air' that will go live on Monday. It's not live yet but I wanted to let you know before I send it out to my main mailing list. I look forward to chatting with you shortly. Kind regards, Daragh

Christmas Craft Fair 2013

Hello, A very Happy Christmas for 2013. It's been a busy year with Jewellery Box traveling to Boston, Chicago, Berlin and Dubai. The book continues to be very popular and would not have existed without you. I also made it to Greenland this summer as part of an expedition. There will be an exhibition in 2014......watch this space! There are still a handful of you who have not yet claimed your rewards from the Jewellery Box campaign. Your rewards are waiting for you whenever you would like to redeem them. I will be at the Craft Fair in the RDS this week and I would be delighted to see you there. If you would like some passes please get in touch and I look forward to seeing you there. Kind regards, Daragh I'll be on stand number 148/149

Happy Christmas

Hi there, As 2012 draws to a close, most of you should have your rewards by now. If you haven't please let me know and I would love to remedy that as soon as possible. Don't reply to this email, contact me on daragh@dulra.com. I hope you are happy with the finished article....you guys made it happen! So, thanks once again for your fantastic support. The exhibition and book will be in 10 cities internationally next year with the wonderful support from Culture Ireland and Aer Lingus. Watch this space....! I would love to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a fun filled and successful 2013. Cheers, Daragh

Jewellery Box - Update no. 12

Hi there, By now most of you should have received your rewards or have had direct contact with me. If you have not received your reward and have not been contacted by me please get in touch and let me know as I really want to get all the rewards (books and prints) to everyone before christmas. Please don't reply to this mail but email me at daragh@dulraphotography.com I hope everyone that has their book(s) and prints are happy with the final result. I will be on stand no. 148/149 at the National Craft & Design Fair in the RDS on 5th - 9th of December. Let me know if you would like a couple of passes and I will send them on to you. Due to the phenomenal success of Jewellery Box in the USA, the exhibition will travel to 9 cities next year. 6 in the USA (Birmingham, Boston, Washington, Dallas, Chicago & San Francisco) and 3(so far) in Europe (Berlin, Stockholm & Brussels) Many thanks to the Consulate General of Ireland, Culture Ireland, Tourism Ireland and Aer Lingus for helping me to showcase the diversity beauty of the Irish Coast. And many, many thanks to all you funders for, without the book becoming a reality, none of this may have happened. I hope to see you soon. Kind regards, Daragh

Jewellery Box - Update no. 11

Greetings from New York! The book launch took place on October 10th with a great turn out and response. Thanks a million to Robert Ballagh. By now most of you will have received your books, prints and frames. I hope you are happy with the finished article. For those of you who haven't received your rewards yet please let me know your address or please choose your print. I will be in the USA until November 15th. If you need your reward before then please let me know and I will arrange it for you. Otherwise I will get it to you on my return. Some good news is that a distributor has agreed to distribute the book so we will be seeing Jewellery Box in all good book stores! Keep an eye out in the papers too as there promises to be some good PR coming up. I got a great one today in the Irish Echo NYC where Fund It is given some good press! http://irishecho.com/?p=73626 My blog on www.dulra.com is now live and I have a piece up about the Fund it campaign. You guys made all this happen......Thank you. Daragh

Jewellery Box - Update no. 10

Hi there, I hope you are well. The Dublin launch for 'Jewellery Box - Special Hardback Edition' takes place tomorrow, Weds 10th at the Science Gallery, Pearse Street, Dublin 2 from 6-8pm. If you haven't done so already please let me know if you are coming in and would like your reward brought in. You can reply to me on: daragh@dulraphotography.com Robert Ballagh has kindly agreed to come along and say a few words and I look forward to celebrating with you the success of this Fund it campaign. Kind regards, Daragh

Jewellery Box - Update no. 9

Hi there, You might remember during the campaign that I promised to give away 2 small pictures. Well, today I can confirm that the draw took place and the lucky winners are.......drum roll.........Eddie Malin wins the 'Ice Angels' framed print and ........more tension..... Melissa O'Halloran wins the 'Carragheen Limelight' print! Congratualtions to you both. I'll have those pictures ready when I give you your rewards. So, a bit of news, I have a date for the official Jewellery Box Book launch. It will be on October 10th from 6-8pm at the Science Gallery on Pearse St. I will send on a e-invite shortly and I'd love to see you there. It will be an informal affair with some wine and chats. So, until the next update. Thanks once again for making this a reality. Daragh

Jewellery Box - Update no. 8

Hi there, Apologies for my lack of contact since the Fund it campaign finished. Things have been busy with finalising the book and keeping the preparations on the go for New York. The good news is that the book is finished and I should have the first hard copy to proof by Friday. Then it's sign off time and go for the full print run of 1000. For everyone on the €100+ and over rewards, your name will be listed in the book on a special thank you page. So if you would prefer not to be listed please get in touch as if I do not hear from you I will assume you are okay with being listed. I have also started printing the pictures for the €60+ and €110+ rewards. I am still waiting on a few of you to come back to me with your selected choice of picture. If you have not received the 6 images please get in touch and I will send on again for you. Also, if you have not yet sent me your address, please do so in order for me to send on or deliver your rewards. As regards New York, I will be exhibiting in the Irish Consulate on Park Avenue for the month of October. The opening night will be on Thursday, 4th of October from 6 - 9pm. I will be sending on e-invites shortly so please forward on to anyone you know in New York. I have exhibited many times in Ireland but to exhibit in the states for the first time being relatively unknown is a daunting task. There will be a book launch in the Science Gallery in Dublin in mid October and I will keep you posted with those details. Thanks so much again.....exciting times! Slán, Daragh

Jewellery Box Update no. 7

Well, there's 19 hours left and the campaign is drawing to a close. I have decided that everyone who donated €100 or more will now be named in the book (if you'd like, that is). This was previously reserved for the €110 rewards. To mark the finish of the campaign and celebrate it's success, I am meeting with a few people in Grogans, in Dublin, between 6 and 9pm tomorrow(Monday) for a couple of quiet drinks. If you are around drop in and say hello. It would be lovely to thank you in person. I will be having a Dublin book launch, hopefully before I go to New York and I will keep you posted on that. Thanks again, Daragh

Jewellery Box Update no. 6 - WE MADE IT!!!!!

Wow, we've reached the target with 4 days left and you guys made it happen. Thank you all so, so much. I am overwhelmed by the support you have all given me and this project. I can't wait to start the printing process and then getting all your rewards to you. I hope you'll like the book when you see it. Big thanks to Fund It and all their support in helping me to achieve my target. If you get a chance, jump onto their facebook page and like it http://www.facebook.com/Fundit.ie They have €100 up for grabs at the moment. You have to nominate your favourite live project at the moment and tomorrow at 5pm the project with the most nominations gets €100....nice! Anyhow, I'll keep you posted on the book progress and the final amount raised at the end of the campaign. Thanks again. Daragh

Jewellery Box Update no. 5

Wow, after I sent out the updates last week there was a huge jump in funding and we're currently at 75% with 5 days to go! Thank you all so much for getting the project to this point. John Kelly(who opened the exhibition last year) has written a quote to go on the back of the book along with Michael Vineys, who has also written a beautiful foreword. Fingers crossed we reach the target. 5 days to go. Big thanks again, Daragh

Jewellery Box Update no. 4

Hello there, A massive thank you going out to all you funders who have got the campaign to 53%, including all you anonymous funders. I am looking forward to getting your rewards to you all. For those of you who have not seen much of my work, and particularly the Jewellery Box collection, you can visit my website to see many of the images that will be in the book: http://dulraphotography.com/Projects/jewellery-box.html The book itself is finally finished and is now in the proofing stages. So it's all fine tuning from here. Cheers, Daragh

Update no. 3

So, after an initial burst of funding in the first 10 days, things went a little quiet for a week or so. It has taken off again and I would like to thank all you funders who have funded since the last update. We are at 46% with 19 days to go. I have been busy with Tom McDermott (the designer) fine tuning the design and proofing the text.. I am very excited as it is really starting to take shape. Until the next update.......... D

Jewellery Box Update no. 2

Tick tock, tick tock.......30 days left and we're at 41% of our target. Thanks so much to all you funders who've got us this point. I am really looking forward to getting your rewards to you. Please continue to tell people about it so that we can reach our target by the end of the tick tock! Apparently we have a 80% chance of reaching our target......Here's an interesting article about crowd funding: http://gigaom.com/2012/06/28/analyzing-kickstarter-what-succeeds-by-how-much-and-how-often/ Cheers, Daragh

Jewellery Box Update #1

I've been asked a few times who made the video. Well, Peter Farrell, a very talented director, cameraman and editor came away with me in Wanda(my van) for 5 days and we visited some of the locations from the original Jewellery Box trip. You'll recognise places like the burren which is a visually stunning area of Ireland. Peter also made this video about my workshops. https://vimeo.com/43678139 Remember, some of my Fund It rewards are all based around workshops with me....anything from a half day to a full weekend.

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