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Threshold - A short film

By Killian Sheridan


Hi folks, this is the page for the forthcoming short film THRESHOLD. We have just finished most of our shooting and we're very excited by what we've got so far. We would be grateful for any donation towards the completion of this film.

THRESHOLD is a story about love, dysfunction, drawing, and metamorphosis. Kay and Dee live in a tarpaulin covered cardboard shelter in a city park. The prospect of rehousing forces the couple to examine what exactly they want from life and what they need from each other. Dee, a woman in her forties, uses the cardboard canvas of the shelter to draw out the variations of her life in the hope that she can somehow reveal the normality she desperately craves. The fine line between reality and fiction is exposed fully to the elements here, images reveal the full level of paranoia and insecurity, and her life is slowly erased, redrawn, and scribbled over. Kay is forced to decide between a life on the edge of her world or to continue with a life on the edge of society.

Written by Colin Carters, co-directed by Killian Sheridan & Colin Carters, it stars Diana O'Connor & Killian Sheridan, and is produced by John Mc Keown, with Mark Watson as Director of Photography & Editor. We hope to have it edited, graded and ready for festival release by around March this year.

What we need money for?
Editing, grading and post-production costs, festival fees, a back up drive, outstanding costs running over from filming, transport cost, marketing and printing. We really appreciate your financial support for this project. This money will enable us to complete the film to the highest possible standards.

About Us.
Colin is a writer based in Dublin. He has a BA in Fine Art from NCAD, Dublin, and an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, Norwich. He is Course Director of Creative Writing & Cultural Studies in Inchicore College, Dublin. This is his first venture in to film.

Killian is an actor based in Dublin. He has a BA in Fine Art from NCAD, Dublin. He worked as a designer for a number of years before returning to study Drama in Inchicore College where he received a distinction in Drama Studies. He has been working in theatre, television, and short film since graduating in 2009.

Once again, thank you very much for taking the time to enquire and read up on our upcoming project. Please support this project financially if you can, every donation is really appreciated as it helps us to complete this film to the highest possible standard.

Many thanks
Killian Sheridan and Colin Carters