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THERE THERE a photographic event

By Stag & Deer


THERE THERE is a photographic event in Cork City, curated by Stag & Deer and launching on October 18th 2012. THERE THERE will bring more than 30 international, national and local lens-based artists under one banner.  There’ll be six different exhibitions with different concerns sharing a common thematic framework, responses to 'otherness'.  We have secured an internationally recognised female photographer to anchor the event, Viviane Sassen.


* Viviane Sassen (Netherlands): Parasomnia, The Sculpture Gallery, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork.

* Miriam O’Connor (Ireland): Attention Seekers. Venue: TBC.
Attention Seekers will be co-curated by Anna Crudge and Miriam O’Connor. Anna is an emerging curator. On Saturday 20th October, Miriam will be in conversation with Angel Luis Gonzalez, Director of PhotoIreland, and Anna Crudge. Time: TBC.

* Roseanne Lynch (Ireland): is creating new work in a space at The Architects School on Copley Street, Cork. This location for site-specific responding was specifically chosen with and for her.

* Zhang Kechun (China): The Yellow River. The Architects School on Copley Street.

* Peggy Sue Amison is curating works from national and international artists in response to the thematic basis of THERE THERE. Venue: TBC.

* ASPECT is an open submission group exhibition and is a platform for emerging national and international lens based artists. Submissions are now closed. The 15 successful artists are listed on www.staganddeer.com 

With the partnership of RightBrain fine art printers in Cork, the works will be printed and shown in TACTIC Cork. The panel of judges for this selection were; RightBrain, Stag & Deer, Matt Packer of The Lewis Glucksman Gallery and Sheelah Moloney from 2020 Gallery.
The Guesthouse, Cork has kindly offered a month long residency to one of the selected artists during 2013. The successful artist has yet to be announced.

For more detailed information on the entire programme please visit http://there-there-aphotographicevent.tumblr.com/


The overall festival budget: €11,000, and we have kindly received financial support from Cork City Council for THERE THERE, we have also secured lots of support-in-kind and we’re planning additional fundraisers at the end of August. Keep an eye on our Facebook for the “Paper-Rock-Scissors Tournament” and big thanks in advance to the Plugd/Gulpd, Cork crew!

What we need from you is money to pay for printing international works here in Ireland – this cuts shipping costs but it ain’t free, some money will be put towards venue rental fees (others we have covered), event insurance covering six spaces, the public and the art. We also need emergency exit signs, additional lighting, and electricians. Anything you can give to financially help us, the artists, curators, graphic designers (that’s you Tim!) and all those involved is hugely appreciated.  As we said in the video, we had no money when we started this idea last Christmas but we kept going because it HAS TO HAPPEN. Please help us to MAKE IT THE BEST IT CAN BE!

Thank you for reading this/watching the video and if you’re not in a position to donate then please spread the word to those who might – all help is welcome!

Best, Pam & Pádraig





Working Out Your Rewards :)

Hi all you lovely people! We just wanted to quickly let you know that we are working out scheduling around tours etc next week. The delay is due to our still figuring the final stages of the program - talks etc. (All talk info etc. will be posted on our website in due time). We hope you are all great and looking forward to the event - 4 weeks today to launching! Excitement! Best, Pam & Pádraig X

The last 7 days and the final few (for fund:it).

Good morning! We just want to give an update over the past week + as plenty has happened/been finalised etc. The first big news is that Viviane's work is here in Ireland, it arrived yesterday and we couldn't be more excited! Last Monday, Roseanne Lynch and I spent some time on site at Copley Street. Then on Tuesday we had a road trip to Bandon to see a man about doing some seriously large prints! Also on Monday, we put in an offer on a space for Miriam O'Connor and later that afternoon it was accepted. Miriam, Anna (who is co-curating Attention Seekers), Pádraig and I spent a lovely afternoon on Wednesday: mapping, planning, chatting and eating sausages. Miriam is already scheduled for conversation with Angel Luis Gonzalez of PhotoIreland and Anna Crudge on Sat 20th Oct but as more artists confirm their attendance during the run of THERE THERE we hope to be able to convince them to give talks while they're in the neighbourhood :) We know ASPECT artist Mariela Sancari is definitely going to be in town and she has already confirmed that she is happy to give a presentation! We are also delighted to announce that SOURCE Magazine will be doing portfolio reviews as part of THERE THERE, on Oct 27th at TACTIC. We will post more detailed info re how to apply for portfolio reviews, artist's talks schedules and all other updates on our Facebook, Twitter and websites. For now, we would again like to thank everyone for their support, this event literally couldn't have happened to it's full potential without you! The support you have shown for us, the artists and everyone involved has been incredible. Have a lovely weekend and we'll send a final update at the end of our fund:it campaign in a few days time. Best, Pam & Pádraig X


Last night we went over the €3000 target! This means that all funds are secured, Pam & Pádraig can breathe again ;) and that YOU GUYS ARE OUR HEROS!!!!! Thank you's and words can't even begin to express the gratitude we feel towards you all, but it's all we have. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts, we've worked so hard on this event since last Christmas and it's humbling and incredible to know that you are behind Stag & Deer, the artists and all the people working with us to make THERE THERE happen. Because the campaign still has 9 more days left, the lovely people of Fund it leave the page open. If anyone you know wishes to donate in addition to what's been raised/requested, they can do so. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. (we wish you could see our faces of absolute joy). See you in October, Pam & Pádraig Xx

One week down!

Good morning to all our amazing funders! The first week is done, we're almost half way there and it's all thanks to you guys. Every day THERE THERE is growing with new talks, reviews and plans. We will be announcing the details on our Facebook, Twitter & websites as soon as they are finalised in the coming weeks. Aside from these new elements, we are also in the process of designing the program with www.waxbotanical.com , looking for a home for Miriam O'Connor's work Attention Seekers and more.... The support you have shown for us is incredible and this event couldn't happen to it's full potential without you. You're not just helping us, you're giving emerging artists from Ireland and all over the world an opportunity to have their work realised and experienced in Cork. If you can, please continue to spread the word! Let's make this happen! http://www.fundit.ie/my/project_manage/there-there-a-photographic-event Thanks so much again and we'll send on another update over the coming 7 days. Best, Pam & Pádraig

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