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Them's The Breaks

By Sarah Barr


Them’s The Breaks is a new feature documentary following a movement in Ireland which attempts to tackle gender inequality, particularly in the Arts sector.

In October 2015, The Abbey Theatre announced their much anticipated “Waking the Nation” 2016 Centenary Programme. There was just one thing missing.... Diversity.

The Abbey Theatre’s inclusion of only one female playwright out of ten in their 2016 centenary programme, sparked confusion, anger and indignation, and led to the establishment of #WakingTheFeminists; a movement which has attracted support from Meryl Streep and Saoirse Ronan among others, and has inspired a new generation of young feminists.

Them’s The Breaks is a film about equality, bravery and the vision for a more inclusive future for Irish people. This film seeks to open up a discussion about feminism becoming all the more relevant to a new generation in Ireland. We want to document the changes and efforts being made to combat this unconscious bias - not just in Irish theatre - but across the entire Arts industry. The film will explore what we hope will be an exhilarating new chapter in the Irish Arts.

This film has the potential to make a real contribution to the conversation surrounding women’s (including trans*) rights in Ireland as the battle rages on for equality in the Arts surrounding issues such as equal opportunities and equal pay.


We’re an independent production, so we’re relying on help from as many of you feminists as possible!

Your money will be used for post-production, editing, sound equipment, archive and music licensing as well as graphic and animation design. To make it a little incentivising for you, we’re offering some savage rewards. This is your opportunity to get involved with our project and be part of an exciting time for women and the Arts in Ireland. Your contribution makes all the difference.

This €10,000 target is our first step in securing funding for this film, but this in no way reflects the full costs of production! This €10k will afford us the means to keep filming as the movement unfolds before us. The overall budget stands closer to €50k which we intend to finance through other means. But this €10k will ensure we don’t miss an opportunity along the way!

So please support us in whatever way you can to make this film a reality - choose a perk that catches your eyes, share our campaign with friends and family who would be interested in the cause, like us on Facebook & Twitter and join the conversation.

The Them’s The Breaks team are director Sarah Corcoran, Producers Sarah Barr and Aoife Kelly and Writer Stephen Elliott. The team originally formed after completing the MA in Film & TV in DCU, and went on to combine their work in theatre production, screenwriting, filmmaking and production with their experiences with BBC, Universal Pictures, The IFI, Bl!nder Films and iDare Media to embark on this exciting new feature length documentary project.

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