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Theatre of the World

By Ormston House


Ormston House seeks support for the printing costs of "Theatre of The World: Afterworlds": a 32-page, full-colour publication of new works by Damien Flood that will include a forward by Patrick Murphy (Director, RHA) and an essay by Mary Conlon (Director, Ormston House). "Theatre of the World: Afterworlds" is the third in a series of publications. "Damien Flood: Selected Works" (2010) and "Spectral Gallery" (2011) were self-published by the artist and are available from Green On Red Gallery, Dublin and Ormston House, Limerick.

"Theatre of the World: Afterworlds" will document and respond to a solo exhibition of new paintings by Flood presented by Ormston House in September (20 September – 27 October 2012). On Friday 21 September as part of Culture Night, the artist will be in conversation with Mary Conlon to discuss his on-going investigation into the history of belief systems and more specifically the grounding influence of the exhibition: the historic and mysterious Voynich Manuscript discovered in Italy in 1912. The conversation will also cover the exchange of ideas pre-exhibition and post-exhibition between artist and curator/viewer and will be the starting point for reflecting on the writing, design and production of the publication.

Through researching the Voynich Manuscript, Flood became interested in how people throughout the ages have created their own worlds to try and understand the one around them. The artist similarly uses paint to create a new place to situate the viewer and to give them a feeling of journeying through a new or parallel world that mixes micro and macro, the botanical and the astrological, and inner and outer consciousness. The paintings in Theatre of the World ask to be studied, for the viewer to take their time and allow each individual mystery to unfurl. These works no longer blur fact and fiction; they are their own reality.

The publication will go to print in December and be launched in February at the Artists’ Book Fair at Ormston House.

To view the sketches for rewards, click here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/85537284@N03/

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