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The World can be yours for 49.99

By Brian Stynes


Teleportation will be THE mode of transportation in the future, The World can be yours for 49.99 explores the infancy of this technology and poses questions about our present day use of media as a means of educating and misdirecting the public on important issues.

The plot...

Teleportation has been available to the public for a year, only the very wealthy can afford to use it but now, the Thompson Transportation portal is about to go public with Global Teleportation stations, use your credit card and instantly arrive at a destination on the other side of the world but a leak to the media about results during the test phase of the device has been the talk of the week, results that confirm that first use of the portal extracts a tiny amount of body mass from the user, a glitch, and never repeated on the same person. An anomaly for which Thompson cannot provide explanation but religious groups believe this to be hard evidence for the existence of a soul.

We are among the audience at a special questions and answers show that seeks to ask and answer the public's concerns. Misdirection? Who leaked the information and just ahead of Thompson going live with its public version of their world changing machine, and why?

The World can be yours for 49.99 is an intelligent short film script that wants you to get involved in the debate and figure out who is working behind the scenes of the information leak. The story, while remaining at its heart a science fiction piece, pays homage to taut human drama's, drawing inspiration from such films as "Quiz Show" and "Network". 

A little about me...

My name is Bryan Stynes. I have had projects completed and accepted into festivals in Australia, Russia, Germany, Mexico, USA and Ireland. When I completed the script for this short film, I sent it to the actors that I see in the roles and all (so far) accepted on the strength of the script and my record for completing projects.

To date, I have completed only "no budget" short films. I'd like this project to be the first short film where artists and technicians are paid for their work. My background is in Theatre - writing and performing and directing for stage. I began making short films in 2005. My first project, a co-production with a Dublin-based filmmaker was accepted into four Irish film festivals and one in Australia. My second short film was short listed for a prize in an Irish festival (2006). The first short film I made in Cork was accepted into festivals all over the world. In total, I have completed 12 film projects since beginning in 2005.

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