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The Winding Reign

By The Project Syndrome


                                              THE WINDING REIGN-A NOVEL BY EDMUND BUCKLEY OF THE PROJECT SYNDROME



The Winding Reign is a long prose novel. It has an epic scope and uses a very extroverted and meandering style of language in its involvement in the life and feelings of Gareth Rafter, a young Dubliner who is suddenly feeling the pressures of society, the world at large and is attempting a precise balancing act of the conflicting elements in his life. He feels overwhelmed by the difficulties and challenges that he faces and can do nothing more than share this concern and the emotions it creates and sincerely hope that by communicating his anxiety, he will somehow find empathy and acceptance for who he is and the limitations this presents. He is shy, reserved and painfully insecure but has to man up and confront conflicts in his every day life that would hinder any protagonist. But he just can't stop telling his story.

1,150 euros will be used to print 100 copies of the novel. Eight percent will go to Fund it and the rest of the money will cover posting & packaging the 100 copies to readers in Ireland and abroad.

I am a one man team. I have been writing for many years, really taking it seriously since 2004. I began at my undergraduate degree in English, Media & Cultural Studies at IADT and have been writing ever since. I have written two collections of poetry, Captivate Renaissance,  and A Nomadic Exchange Poetry @ The Project Syndrome and two other novels, The Death of a Socialite and Endangered Souls (link to novels above!) in the website url. All four of these books were successfully crowdfunded by Fundit.ie and I am confident that I can do it again. This novel, The Winding Reign is my most ambitious project yet. It is the longest and most complex work I have achieved and I hope that you can read it.

I am crowdfunding the budget of this project because I have chosen to self publish The Winding Reign and I am asking the future readers to help fund a book that I think they would really enjoy reading. I have no other source of funding and I am relying only on the good will of my social and professional circles to cover my costs.

Thank you so much for reading my Fund it project proposal, it means so much to me that you took the time to consider my artistic and professional aspirations. I sincerely hope that you find the project as promising as I have worked extremely hard on writing this novel.




Book is proofed and ready to print

Hi everyone!


 I just proofed the final draft of the novel and it’s going to be printed as we speak!! I will be sending it out as soon as I can and I want to thank you for your patience during these strange days and I hope you will have some time to spare for a good read,


Thank you for waiting,



An Update on the book

Hi there!


 I hope you’re keeping well at this strange time. I thought I would let you know that I have finalized the book with the printers and we will have it ready as soon as we possibly can, I will keep you up to date on this over the coming weeks,


Stay safe!!

Happy Paddy’s Day!!

 Hi everyone!


 I hope you’re having a great Paddy’s Day regardless of the virus.


 I started the printing process last week but now the communication with the printers have stopped due the lockdown,


 I have the book ready to go and I will print as soon as possible,


Best Wishes,



Just got to 100%

Thanks to everyone for funding!!! We just hit the target of €1270 with 2 days left, books are ready for the printers! 


Talk soon!!

At 75%!! Just two weeks left

Thanks to an incredible week of funding the project is now at 75%. Almost there now

At 52% after 3 weeks

Hi there funders, 

just a quick update to let you know that the project is now half way through with just 3 weeks left and right on target at 52%, thank you all for funding so far!!

20% After One Week!!

 Hi All!!


 I just wanted to write and give you an update on all the action since my last post.  I am now at 20% thanks to James, Charlie, Rodrigo, Jonathan and two anonymous funders. I feel so grateful for all of your support-Thank you all so much

Thanks for funding Dad!!

Well this is the quickest response in all the campaigns. Thanks Dad!! You’re a star ⭐️ 

Thanks for funding Vivien!!

Off to a cracking start. Thanks everyone for funding again

Thanks for funding Frainc!!

Thanks a million Frainc! You must have all my books at this stage

Second funder is in!!

 Thanks for funding Aisling

Thanks a million Gerry!!

Wow! Thanks for funding Gerry. You got there early

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