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The Westport Paradox!

By Keith Martin


With ALL the adventure of a Shane Black script, the directorial style of Paul Greengrass and the production values of Roger Corman comes “The Westport Paradox!”

The film is a comedy short set and filmed in Westport and the plot revolves around the arrival of a North Korean secret agent on a mission to help the Democratic Republic of Korea corner the Asian tourism market and thus become a Superpower to be reckoned with (Honestly).

The film will be shot in High Definition and will feature the best in local acting talent coupled with a dedicated and experienced film crew.

"The Westport Paradox" features chase scenes, an exploding caravan, floral displays, and international espionage and intrigue all in the best traditions of the exploitation genre and community pride.

We aim to shoot it over a couple of days this Autumn, in and around the town of Westport, and hope to have it's première as part of the 2014 Westport Arts Festival.

"The Westport Paradox!" is written by me, Keith Martin, and I am the humble winner of several short script contests.

My script, "Car Alarmed!" (Youtube) was chosen by Hollywood screenwriter Steven E DeSouza (DIE HARD I & II, The Running Man, Beverly Hills Cop III) for production as part of the 2nd Season of his "Unknown Sender" webseries.

I have also enjoyed writer residencies at the Henrich Boll Cottage and the Tyrone Guthrie Centre. 

And I also won the Amateur category of the Westport Chamber film contest 2013.

The budget is €1,000 with a €100 contingency factor built in. A rough break down would be the following

Equipment Hire - Camera and lighting. €400

Soundtrack fees €100

Stock footage - special effects- post production €400

I have a dedicated and professional film and sound crew and our actors are all talented and experienced. All of whom have real enthusiasm and excitement for the project.

All locations have been arranged and aren't costing us. Catering is being provided via sponsorship (a bit of pub grub).

It is my intention to enter the completed film in national and international short film contests during 2015.



Show business

Hi Folks, barring major studio interest or someone swooping in with credit card it looks like I will be putting the hold on the Westport Paradox pending further development (change of writer/director?!) Do not despair though this is not the end. Thanks for believing in my project. Your confidence is worth more than mere money (yeah right) to a prospective film maker such as myself. My motto "Unless you're creating----you're waiting!" is not in vain and I have a major project (very hush, hush) actually under way. I'd be happy to keep you updated on this if you email me your email address, I won't solicit money just send you the Youtube link for the project. So barring a miracle I think we are going to have to wait a while longer for this story to be told. Thanks again for your support. I'll be back!


Hello and thanks again for your support. There just 6 days to go and 85% yet to be raised! The Mayo News gave us a great plug last week and I am happy we've run a good campaign. Will be pulling out all the stops to reach the goal over the next week. Thanks again Keith

The New Trailer

After literally hours of work we have a new trailer, which, if it doesn't give a full outline of the plot at least outlines some of the challegnes we face. Please share it. http://youtu.be/umm5e8j6COA?list=UU_2dVLoRj_aFDIi4LaSWszA

New Trailer

We will be filming on Cannon DSLR to capture a full feature film feel and recording on a Zoom H4N. Today we spent a few hours recording a new trailer to grab people's attention. Will be posting that online soon. I'll tell you when and I hope you'll tell someone else! More later!

Crew and casting

Well we're pretty much cast and crewed but today was about briefing people on what to expect. ie doing their own make up and wardrobe and helping out with crew duties too. There's great excitement and camaraderie and we're delighted with the support we continue to receive.

Post Production

Had a quick meeting this evening where we ran over equipment but mainly went through post production. Looked at iMovie and while it's great for little videos it is way too basic for even our little film. Especially the lack of sound cuts and edits. We looked at Final Cut Pro - disaster. So looks like we will run with Première Pro, which is just as well as I have a copy, albeit not the most recent edition but the Adobe Cloud looks interesting. While it's good to prepare and think about Post my main focus is story boarding so that as much of the editing is done in camera. The more work would put into Pre Production the less there will be to do in post (or that's the theory).

Up and running

Well, the pitch is up on screen for all to see and our Facebook page is up and getting likes so we're hoping interest will grow and the word will be spread! Had a production meeting yesterday and ran through equipment needs and we seem to be on track. For now it is in the hands of the gods or rather, to use a theatrical term, the angels!

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