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The "Total Retaliation" Project

By Patrick Lennon


In 2012, Hasbro began to release a tie-in toy line to the film GI Joe: Retaliation, itself based on characters and concepts on the nearly fifty year old brand that Hasbro introduced to the world in 1964. GI Joe began life as a twelve inch tall military inspired figure and invented the concept of an "Action Figure". The brand has experienced numerous ups and downs during its existence, finding itself at the centre of popular culture during the early to mid-nineteen eighties and relegated to the wilderness during most of the nineties and mightiest except for brief periods. One thing had remained true however: GI Joe figures have always remained at the forefront of toy design when it comes to playability, posability and design. The toy line for Retaliation is no different. Despite a weaker economy, higher costs and a movement away from traditional toys the retaliation line of action figures and vehicles still manages to outclass its competitors on the shelves of your local toy store.

Our planned guide book aims to celebrate this fact with high quality photography of every figure, vehicle and accessory released in the course of this exciting line. Our aim is to provide Joe fans with both a useful reference guide and a handsome "coffee table" style book that showcases this line at its best. Planned contents include:

· Reference photos of every figure and vehicle.

· Diorama photography of the figures showcasing their unique design features and   posability.

· 'File cards' for every release that give background on the characters.

Our aim is to produce an 88 page (approx.) paperback that covers every aspect of the four inch figures released in 2012 and 2013 as part of the line. We want this to be something that fans will be proud to own and will refer to again and again. We've pulled together some sample pages, seen in our video, to show you the standard of quality we want to bring to the finished product. In order to provide limited print run of paperbacks and make the additional incentives such as poster and prints we require €6,000. To help reach this goal we've prepared incentive packages that we feel will return excellent value to our backers.

Thanks for taking the time to reach our pitch!



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