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The Tempest, FREE Shakespeare in Dublin

By Fortune's Fool Productions


Last year’s production of Romeo & Juliet (Unplugged) was such a great success, that we’ve decided to produce another of Shakespeare’s most loved plays FREE to the public.

This year The Tempest will descend on the Iveagh Gardens from August 1st through the 12th, with performances Wed-Fri evenings at 7PM and Saturdays and Sundays at 3PM.

Your pledges and support will help fund our €8,000 production budget, including the cost of our set, purchasing costumes and props, and getting our fliers, posters and programmes printed.

Just as we did last year, we are stripping away all unnecessary production values and are focused on creating a show of the highest entertainment value at the lowest possible cost.

Our production is unplugged – there will be no sound system, no lights, no mics, no electricity and nothing artificial. Just like the exceptional unplugged performances on MTV, our show will utilise the talents of our performers to create an unforgettable evening of live entertainment.

Last year, over 3,000 people came out to see Romeo & Juliet (Unplugged) and the response from the crowds was overwhelming:

“Really enjoyed Romeo & Juliet, absolutely brilliant!! I brought my 6 year old who normally wouldn't sit through 30 mins of TV yet sat, engrossed, during the performance! Well done lads!!” Clodagh Magner

“Thank you for a wonderful afternoon, it was so enjoyable. Great experience thank you. Let us know when you are doing something else please.” Pat Bowe

“Must say I've thoroughly enjoyed this evenings show guys and gals, having not actually read Romeo & Juliet before it was wonderful to experience it from start to finish as performed by a group of obviously talented, hugely enthusiastic and committed people, and in such a beautiful setting too (thank you OPW!) Thank you all :-)” Brendan Moran

With a pledge as little as €10, you can be a part of this unique community event. We have the talent and ability to produce exceptional entertainment; you have the power to fund it.

No matter how much you pledge, you will be invited to take a bow with the cast at the end of the show(s) you attend. There are lots of other fun and memorable perks depending on the level of your pledge. Please remember every little bit counts and we can make every €10 pledge go a long, long way.

Thank you for your interest and your support,
Stephanie Courtney
Fortune's Fool Productions



The Tempest Opens in Less Than 2 Weeks (2)

Hello FundIt-ers, Our first upload didn't work so we are trying again. Well we have a little less than 2 weeks before we open The Tempest on August 3rd and rehearsals are going very well. We’re even hopeful that the weather will clear up and that most of our performances will be dry. Our posters are ready to go to print and each of you will be getting signed copy and if you are not in the Dublin area and can’t make it to the show, we will be intouch with you via email to mail you your poster. If you are in the area, please let us know when you will be attending the show, so we can provide premium seating for you. Just send an email to Fortunes.Fool.Productions@gmail.com with the date of the show you will be attending. We also want to let you know about a special offer from our newest sponsor, The Camden Court Hotel. The Iveagh Restaurant at the hotel is offering a special dinner menu for the show from €18.95. Dinner starts at 5pm (pre-show for our 7pm performances, post show for our 5pm performances) reservations are required at 01-4759666. Lastly, Morning Ireland of RTE Radio 1 were out last Wednesday to interview us and to record one of our scenes. The programme will air the week of July 30. And this week, July 24, we will be on Dublin South FM between 5 – 6pm. Also, if you haven’t seen the article in the Journal.ie, you can see that here: http://www.thejournal.ie/free-shakespeare-in-dublin’s-iveagh-gardens-this-august-514536-Jul2012/ All of this is only possible because of your generous support of The Tempest and Fortunes Fool Productions. You were the first responders who had faith in this production before anyone knew what it could be – and we are working very hard to make you very proud to be a part of this unique event. Cheers, The Cast & Crew of The Tempest

The Tempest Opens in Less Than 2 Weeks

Hello FundIt-ers, Well we have a little less than 2 weeks before we open The Tempest on August 3rd and rehearsals are going very well. We

Check Out the Journal.ie Article

Hello Funders, We are very excited to see The Tempest in the Journal.ie this week (http://www.thejournal.ie/free-shakespeare-in-dublin’s-iveagh-gardens-this-august-514536-Jul2012/). With over 4,500 views of the article, people all over Dublin are sharing the article on Facebook, tweeting about it and commenting - and everyone sounds really excited about the show - and they are especially excited about seeing The Tempest in the Iveagh Gardens. Thankfully, the guys at the OPW are saints who have championed and supported FREE Shakespeare from the start. For each of you who so generously gave to our campaign, please know that those comments and the excitement created by this event is only possibly because of you! You are as much a part of this as any of us who are rehearsing right now. Please read the comments to the article and take a moment to realise the impact your support is already making - and we still have 3 and 1/2 weeks before this show becomes a reality - and the buzz is already starting. The best news I have for all of you is that you are going to be so proud to be a part of this show. We are only in our second day of rehearsals and already I am blown away by the talent and commitment of these actors. I have never worked with a more talented and professional cast - and they are going to knock your socks off!! Thank you all again for your support - and for those of you in Dublin, I can't wait to see you at the show. We open August 3 at 7pm and run August 7, 8, 9 & 10 at 7pm and August 3, 4, 11 & 12 at 3pm. Cheers, Stephanie

Thank You! We're Funded!

To All Our Wonderful Funders, We are so very thankful for all the support each of you has given to The Tempest. We have just started rehearsals and we are so excited to bring this beautiful play to life. This would not be possible without your support and it's important that you know you how much we appreciate your contribution to our show. I will be updating you continually as rehearsals progress and if you would like to see pictures of our rehearsals, please see our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Fortunes.Fool.Productions. To all of our American funders, Happy 4th of July!! More anon, Stephanie

Building Up Speed and Power

All of the actors and production staff at Fortune’s Fool Productions are so very grateful to all of you for pledging your support and keeping our hope alive. We have added 7 funders to our campaign since our last update, they are: • SARAH MC DEVITT • AIDEEN JONES • NIAMH S • AOIFE MORAN • BREDA COURTNEY • VAJDON THOM SOHAILI VERNON • AC PRODUCTIONS It pains me a bit to ask for even more help but we are down to the wire and we still have a way to go to reach our goal of €5,000. I’m not asking for more money from you, I’m asking for your help to reach a wider audience. By letting your friends know that you support this production and by passing on the link to our campaign (http://www.fundit.ie/project/activity/the-tempest-free-shakespeare-in-dublin) we can reach our goal. I recently sent an email to everyone I know explaining why I do this and I would like to share the points I made in that email with you: "I produce free Shakespeare in the park because I believe Shakespeare’s plays can be magical, transformative community experiences that must be accessible to everyone. Watching the audience sit in rapt attention through more than 2 hours of Romeo & Juliet last year was a truly awe inspiring and humbling experience. By the time Juliet was in the tomb, you could have heard a pin drop every night. The entire cast was astonished by the response of the audience who hung on every word and every action – audiences filled with children, teens, families, joggers, hipsters, nefarious fellows, vagabonds, people on dates, people coming home from work, the elderly, shop owners and great friends with elaborate picnics – all sitting side by side on the grass through rain and wind, laughing, crying and cheering together for a magnificent fiction created out of thin air. The experience of this event was thrilling and that is what you are investing in. Your donation is not a subsidy of the arts; it is an investment in a rare and wonderful community experience that costs far less than the worth of its outcome. "I know first hand of children’s and student's lives that have been profoundly impacted just from seeing a single production of Shakespeare. His work defines what it means to be human. We see pieces of ourselves reflected in every character and we are compelled by every situation depicted around us. Our world is unlocked by the insights revealed to us through these stories and our lives are enriched by the sheer energy evoked from the performance of the actors. Exposing children and teens to Shakespeare in a completely accessible production in a glorious setting will feed their imaginations and reduce their fear and anxiety about learning more of Shakespeare’s and other complex literary works. Again, your investment in this project will enhance the lives of young people and students, encouraging their personal growth and enhancing the artistic and literary growth of the community. "Lastly, free productions reach out to audiences who are reluctant to engage because they have been taught or incorrectly assume that theatre is not for them. Too many people think they aren’t smart enough to understand Shakespeare’s work and would never risk buying a ticket or sitting in a theatre to see something they think will make them feel stupid – and yet none of them would say the same about film or television. It is not only right that we should reach out to them and show them that live theatre can be more exciting, more moving and more fun than movies, it is our responsibility because as theatre practitioners and theatre goers we know better. Those who have felt alienated by theatre in the past will risk their time and a bit of effort when this work is offered to them for free in a beautiful park on a summer’s evening. And if we are savvy about their experience with free Shakespeare in the park, we will be able to grow their love of the art form over time. I know this to be true because at least 50% of the 3,000 audience members from last year’s Romeo & Juliet had never seen a Shakespeare production before and 30% of them had never seen live theatre before. "Most importantly, events like this add to the quality of our lives. Last years audiences loved the show and their experience was inspiring and lasting. I still hear from people who saw the production and who light up when they remember their experience – even those who saw the show in the rain. You can’t just buy experience, it has to be created and then shared with as many people as possible. Your contribution allows us to create the show, the audience creates the experience and the effect on all of us - funders, producers, actors and audience is indelible. These are the endeavours that become the fabric of our lives, they define who we are and they make our lives matter to us and to others." If you would like to keep up dated on our rehearsals, you can join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Fortunes.Fool.Productions. Cheers, Stephanie Courtney Director/Producer Fortune’s Fool Productions

Stirring up The Tempest

We have been very busy at Fortune’s Fool Productions stirring up The Tempest and it’s really starting to gain momentum. First we would like to thank our first 9 funders – • Anonymous • MICHAEL CORRIGAN • DARRAGH DOYLE • ELA DZIENISIEWICZ • JOSEPH FOSS • BAIRBRE GUILFOYLE • RUAIRI O’CARROL • DIANE ROBERTS • MARGARET SACCONE Each of you have pledged an amazing combined total of €1,000 towards our goal of €5,000. We have reached 20% of our funding goal and have 27 days to raise the next €4,000. Each of your pledges helps us reach our goal, and more than that, each pledge gives us even more incentive to provide the best production possible for this FREE, family friendly event in one of the most beautiful settings in Dublin. We are extremely grateful for your terrific support and we hope that you will share your involvement in this project with your family and friends. We have also unveiled the artwork for the production. This original work was hand drawn by Vajdon Sohaili, an international artist from Toronto. You can be the proud owner of a poster signed by the cast for any donation of €25 or more . Lastly, and most importantly, we are very proud to announce our amazing cast: • TIM CASEY – Prospero • VAL O’DONNELL – Alonso • THOMAS FARRELL – Sabastian • KATHY O’MEARA – Antonia • MACKENZIE CADE – Ferdinand • JIM O’KEEFFE – Gonzalo • KAREN DAVIDSON PERRINS – Adrian • JOHN CULLEN – Francisco • JAMES JAGGS – Caliban • MARC MC CABE – Trinculo • FINBAR DOYLE – Stephano • GORDON DELAP – Boatswain • COLM KENNY-VAUGHN – Ariel • And a few more to be announced later We are well on our way to creating an unforgettable production of one of Shakespeare’s greatest works. We have many surprises in store for the production and we are very confident that it will be an amazing experience for everyone involved – so thank you for joining us and becoming part of this wonderfully unique event. If you would like to keep up dated on our rehearsals, you can join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Fortunes.Fool.Productions. Cheers, Stephanie Courtney Director/Producer Fortune’s Fool Productions

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