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The Stand Up

By Lost Prophet Pictures


Hi, my name is Sean Murphy. As an actor I have worked in many productions with numerous theatre companies including The Gate Theatre and The Abbey, where I appeared in Patrick Mason's production of 'The Well Of The Saints', which won the prestigious Critic's Award at the Edinburgh Festival. My Film credits include award winning features 'I Went Down','The League Of Gentlemen's Apocalypse' and 'The Secret Of The Cave'. As a Writer/Director my one man stand-up comedy show 'Marcel' reached the final of Channel 4's 'So You Think You're Funny' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I have been developing 'The Stand Up' script for almost a year now. It is the story of small-time local comedian Tony Murphy, who strives for critical acclaim in the insular environs of the comedy clique of Dublin City. Tony prides himself as a non-compromising purist but due to dwindling public interest, Tony is forced to accept unappealing promotional performance work much to his embarrassment and the ridicule of his peers. Tony, getting more exasperated and creatively frustrated, begins to unwind mentally whilst his contemporaries excel in their fields. In a moment of utter clarity or utter madness, he decides on an extreme course of action that will change his life forever, much to the amusement of his flatmate.

I am really thrilled to have secured some very talented actors for this film including Phelim Drew (The Commitments / My Left Foot), Vincent Walsh (Bachelor's Walk / Saving Private Ryan / the sequel to 300), Carmen Montero (Pirate's of the Caribbean)., Michael O'Reilly (The Commitments / The Van).

The money raised will pay for principle photography, hiring of camera, specific lenses and lighting. Brainwave Audio, an exciting new and dynamic company will do all sound including post production sound and effects. Two venues must be hired for the actual stand up performance scenes. There's also wardrobe, hair and make-up, transport and lastly catering so the crew don't kill me. At least 25% of the budget will be spent on post production. This involves the editing and the grading of the finished film.

We've set up a facebook page which we will update regularly so you, the investors, can monitor the film's progress go to www.facebook.com/TheStandUp2013