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The Sound of Music Needs An Orchestra!!

By 9 Arch Musical Society


This year we will be performing The Sound of Music. We are so truly excited to be performing this brilliant show and cannot wait to bring it to Galway. In such a music centred performance, we need the best orchestra we can possibly get - and that is where you come in! Any pledge - big or small - will help us provide the very best orchestra we can get, to really make the performance come alive and have everyone dancing down the aisles! The Sound of Music needs to sing!

If successful we will be able to provide the production with a much needed orchestra! The production really deserves the best 'sound' we can get!!

9 Arch Musical Society have been performing in Galway since 2001 and have many productions to be proud of: Hairspray, The Wizard of Oz, Whistle Down the Wind and last year Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat to name a few. Each production has been better than the last, having always had a brilliant crowd, fantastic local support and an amazing cast of talented singers, dancers and actors. We cannot wait to bring The Sound of Music to Galway!

If we are able to fund the orchestra, we will work equally as hard raising as much money as we can to fund the other aspects of the production: costumes, props, lighting, sets, etc. The orchestra is essential to make our production the best it can possibly be.

At 9 Arch we are a non-profit organisation and rely on our wonderful patrons and sponsors and as many fundraising events as we can dream up - to fund our productions. We fund our productions completely and rely on the support of our members to make the productions happen. Without their support we simply couldn't perform.

We would like to personally thank everyone for supporting us. Your contribution makes an enormous difference to our society - whether 1 euro or 1 hundred. Thank you thank you. We know the show will be worth it!!

To keep up to date with 9 Arch and show news, to see our previous performances, get in touch or just have a look around, our website is: http://9archms.weebly.com/

Like is on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/9ArchMusicalSociety/



We are in our final week!!

Dear wonderful orchestra funders, 

We are in the final week of our campaign and have seen an enormous flurry of donations - Fantastic and thank you!!

We are currently at 44% of our target, so we do have a little way to go, but with the momentum of the past few days, we can definitely get there!

It seems as though everyone has rallied around to get the orchestra funded and we really cannot thank you enough.  We have a lot of people to thank in our programme!

Thank you thank you again.  If you can encourage anyone who you think may have wanted to donate, but hasn't gotten around to it - to do so, that would be amazing!

We know some people are a little concerned with adding their details into a computer or navigating the system, so anyone that may want to give cash can easily do so - just pass it along to anyone in the committee and we will make sure they are recognised for their donation.

Thanks again and here's hoping to a busy and prosperous week!!

We can hear those hills sounding their music already!!!

Over half way there - but not half way there!

Hi wonderful funders, 

Here's a quick update on our progress so far, as we are now more than half way through our 4 week campaign.

Although we are half way through, we haven't hit 50% of our target.  It's a shame but we're not giving up yet!

We still have another 11 days left to badger, persuade and encourage everyone we have ever known, looked at or stumbled across; to help fund our orchestra!

We know that the majority of funding comes from the first and last weeks of the campaign, so we are going to give it a great big push to reach our target and get our orchestra.

Rehearsals are in full swing and we have some truly amazing voices - they just need an orchestra to go with them!

Thank you thank you again for your wonderful contribution to our society and performance.  We really do appreciate it.

We will keep you updated with our progress and would love it if you could help us by asking friends, family and any old Joe shmo you might meet to contribute too!

Thanks again,

9 Arch Musical Society  

***The end of week 1 - 3 more to go!!***

Dear wonderful orchesra funders, 

Just a little update on where we are as we approach the end of week one of our campaign.

We are quarter of the way through and have nearly 25% of the funds.  Whilst we would have loved to have been at 100%, this still isn't bad!  

We know that momentum does drop in weeks two and three, so we will just have to keep advertising and reminding everyone!

If you could give your friends, relatives and any old Joe you've ever met a quick nudge to donate, we would really appreciate it.  If we don't hit the 2,000 Euros - no one pays a thing!  

If we got everyone to make even a 2 euro donation, we would have the orchestra funded in no time.  

Thank you thank you for your donation.  We are eternally grateful and you will be forever famous in our programme!

Thanks again, 

9 Arch Musical Society xx


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