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We’ve taken Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic American novel and dragged it by the scruff of its neck into the theatre and the 21st century. The Scarlet Letter tells the story of the adulteress Hester Prynne, publicly shamed and cast out by society, and her husband, driven by revenge, who vows to search out her lover.

Building on the success of last year’s 18-35, we’re plotting a show that is both intimate and spectacular in scale, rooted in Hawthorne’s hugely compelling story but told with exhilarating Conflicted flair.

A little company with BIG DREAMS!

Conflicted Theatre are Gavin McEntee, Evan Lordan & Julie Kelleher. We make shows through adaptation and devising. We make theatre that has physical vigour and flair. Our focus is on breaking down the hierarchy between text, movement, sound and image.

We use our imaginations as best we can to engage yours.

We have produced 'After Jekyll' (2010) and 'The Red Shoes' (for the Solstice programme as part of Cork Midsummer Festival 2011), and have developed several theatre shorts for events such as Culture Night ['Ups and Downs' (2011) and 'iTouch' (2012)] at Sample Studios, where they work from a studio/office space. The company’s third theatre piece 18–35 (also part-funded by people like you!) was devised by the company for a non-­theatre space in Cork, premiered in April 2012, and was re­mounted for the Solstice programme as part of Cork Midsummer Festival 2012.

Since August 2012 we have been working on an adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, and since November 2012, have been working on short bespoke theatre events commissioned by The Oval Bar under the banner Midaza Mondays. Most recently the company performed an abridged version of 18-35, re­titled What Now? as an opening provocation to a series of talks at the launch of UCC Art|Works in January 2013.

We plan to stage The Scarlet Letter in an offsite venue in Cork City centre (we’re very excited but can’t tell you where yet!), which will run from June 21-30 inclusive. The Scarlet Letter is an adaptation of Hawthorne’s classic tale re-imagined as a piece of immersive theatre.

The production will involve a cast of eight professional actors and a creative team of writer-directors, producer, sound, lighting & stage designers, and stage management.

We have raised 50% of our production costs so far, through private sponsorship and in-kind support. The €4,000 we hope to raise, through your generosity and support, would make up the remaining 50% of our budget, and allow for the successful realisation of this original and innovative production by some of Cork’s finest theatre professionals.

Thank you!!

Evan, Gavin & Julie



The Scarlet Letter Opens tomorrow!

*WARNING, SOME GUSHING MAY FOLLOW* If some time in the last few weeks/months you: - asked how the development of the show was going - encouraged us to forge ahead with the show despite all sorts of challenges - put our show in your festival and said nice things about us and the show - funded the show - loaned us something for the show - made or did something for the show for little or no money - offered to help with the show in any way you could - bought a ticket to the show - told your friend about the show - wished us all the best with the show - WORKED YOUR ASS OFF on the show - gave any of us a hug because we looked like we might have needed one .... then to you all we can offer you at the end of an exhilarating and exhausting YEAR of work on The Scarlet Letter is a very humble THANK YOU. We've given this project everything we've got and there were many, many days that we were surviving on moral support alone. So, really: thank you. And now, with the dress rehearsal in the can, and opening night winking at us from the 24 hour horizon, we're going to try to get some sleep, because tomorrow it's SHOWTIME. Tickets available here: http://www.corkmidsummer.com/programme/event/the-scarlet-letter

Rehearsals DAY 1 (Woo!)

Hello everyone, Just a note to say thanks again to everyone. We'll be in touch with everyone indivdually regarding rewards now that Fund:it have sent through the relevant info. We had our first day of rehearsal today and we're absolutely rearing to go! Can't wait to show you all what we've made with your support in just three and a half weeks time! TIckets for the festival went on sale last week. Despite your hugely generous donations, we still have an extremely high box office target to meet in order to make the show break even. We'd really love to see you all at the show, and better again, if you could spread the word and maybe bring a friend along, that would be truly wonderful. TIckets are available to buy here: http://www.corkmidsummer.com/programme/event/the-scarlet-letter More news coming soon! Thanks again, Julie, Gavin, Evan and all the Conflicted/Scarlet Letter team

Scarlet Letter for Cork Midsummer Festival

Hello everyone, Where did the flippin' week go??! We're into the final week of our campaign, and we are THRILLED to now officially, and finally announce that we will be presenting The Scarlet Letter under the WE LIVE HERE banner at this year's Cork Midsummer Festival, which launched with a big HURRAY this evening. The show will be tailor-made for Millennium Hall at Cork City Hall, and will run from Friday 21 June to Sunday 30 June (excl. Tue 25), at 6pm nightly. Check out the event page here: http://www.corkmidsummer.com/programme/event/the-scarlet-letter In terms of developing the project - this week has seen us finalise one more cast member (one more to go!), we had a very exciting site visit with our (genius) production team, and the script and design ideas are slowly merging in to one beautiful show! All of that said, we still have only a week left to raise a further €2,000 - because if we don't, all of the funds you've pledged so far won't reach us. We're pulling out all the stops in the final fundraising push - do please lend a hand in spreading the word if you can. You've done so much already - we truly appreciate it! All the best, Evan, Gavin & Julie

May 2 Update

Hello everyone, First a sincere thank you for getting on board in Week 1 with your pledges. We're more or less on target, but do please keep spreading the word about project and the Fund It Campaign. This last week we've been focusing on fundraising, while trying to keep creative balls in the air. We had a wonderful chat today with Puppetmaker Olan Wrynn, who will make our puppet Pearl. A third of the funds raised to date (and a tenth overall) will go towards the materials and labour costs in crafting the puppet. If you check out some of the Facebook photos we posted today, you can see the beautiful quality of Olan's work. We also had a design pow-wow with designer extraordinaire Dee Dwyer, who has a fantastic way of asking all the right questions. We're very excited to realise some of the design plans for the show. Those will cost a third of our entire Fund It target (so you begin to see how quickly the money gets eaten up!). Also, today we made a promise to (we blackmailed) some of you. Fund us and we'll provide a video example of exactly how CONFLICT gets resolved at Conflicted. So here ye go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUgeGUsz3TA Till next week Fund it chums! Julie, Gavin, Evan

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