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The Rockets debut EP

By Joe Rodgers


The Rockets are a Dublin based four piece rock n roll band playing original material in a 1950's style. We are planning to record and release our debut EP of four original tracks.

The Rockets are a four piece rock n roll band based in Dublin. Passionate, lifestyle 1950s rock n roll devotees the band have been playing as a cover band on the entertainment circuit for fun for a number of years.
In the past year we have been writing and recording potential original songs with a view to an EP and eventually an album release in 2013.
These songs are all in a 1950s R&B style which reflects our influences and passions.

The Rockets are made up of veterans from several Dublin original bands: Puppy Love Bomb, The Josephs, Eva Dallas and OCB to name a few.
We have been busy touring Ireland over the past 4 years and have made a reputation for ourselves in the UK as the top 50s rock n roll band representing The Beatles Hamburg days at The International Beatles Festival in Liverpool. For the past four years we have attended this festival topping the bill at The Cavern Club and Adelphi Hotel.

However we have always planned to write, record and release some original material influenced by our passions for 1950s Rock n Roll.

With successful funding we plan to record, mix and distribute an EP of four original songs in Spring 2013. These recordings would then form the basis of an 8 or 9 track album which would be completed later in the summer.

Our video contains some demos of songs which we plan to include on the EP.

The basic plan for recording is as follows:
5 days in the studio early in April 2013 / Cost - €1400
Audio mastering / Cost - €250
CD manufacturing inc artwork / Cost - €600
Registering of tracks on digital retailers / Cost - €50
100 promo release CD's for media / Cost - €150
Producer fee (we have a well known Dublin producer and artist interested in working on the project, his name will be announced upon project initiation) / Cost - TBC
Remaining €650 will go towards producer fee and any remaining will go towards a PR campaign to promote the release

We have added an extensive list for rewards which we feel are fun and engaging for the funder. We will also blog the entire project with photos and emails and funders will be updated with regular progress.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in our campaign. Thanks for supporting original music, and thanks for supporting real 1950s Rock n Roll and R&B!

The Rockets



Rockets uypdate

Hi everyone Brief update to let you know we are scheduling a mastering session for the recording ASAP, then we will begin production. These things are notoriously crawly. While you wait, here are some more pictures of the recording session YOU paid for. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.381190901982752.1073741831.369355473166295&type=1 And here is a link to the first live airing of the coming single, which we performed on RTE radio - live - last Wednesday http://www.rte.ie/radio1/arena/programmes/2013/0626/459057-arena-wednesday-26-june-2013/?clipid=1251947 Cheers

Final update before recording

Hi all The big day has finally arrived and we begin recording tomorrow morning at 9am. We are block booked into Westland Studios for Saturday/Sunday/Monday for recording. Next Thursday 20th we will complete the mixing. We are really super psyched up at tomorrow and have been in some very encouraging pre-production sessions with producer Pete Holidai for the past few weeks. We have narrowed the recording down to 4 songs, and one of them is a brand new tune: 'Sweet Sue'. It was such a strong and commercial contender that it muscled its way into contention for the cut. We have an interesting and exciting surprise regarding this song. Watch this space! A few changes have also taken place. We may release the 4 songs as 2 singles instead of one EP, although this hasn't been fully decided yet. The advice is we get more impact for two releases and singles are sometimes reviewed more favourably than EP's. The other major change is that in the past few months we have been advised by several people in the industry that it would be best to keep our covers and originals groups distinct from one another. Many other acts in the past have followed this advice in allowing the growth of an individual act distinct from its former covers persona. This is to minimise confusion and to give the originals the best chance to shine on their own merit. Therefore our original material will be released under the name THE GROUND WILL SHAKE. Rest assured, it is the same band as The Rockets although our musical approach is a little different. It is still the same individuals, the same song demo's we put up during the campaign, and it is still influenced by 1950s rock n roll. We feel that the name THE GROUND WILL SHAKE suits our stomping 1950s rock n roll roots and we have had very favourable responses to the choice in general. The Rockets will carry on, we have bookings all throughout 2013 and beyond. But the Rockets will be a 1950s covers band only. We will discuss this name change and our transition to original material on the RTE Radio 1 show ARENA, on Weds June 26th at 7pm. We have been invited to play two tracks live on air and to discuss our fundit campaign. We hope you will all get a chance to tune in. So, from tomorrow we will be blogging the entire recording session for all of generous funders. We hope you will tune in. To receive the blog posts please click on and like our TGWS (THE GROUND WILL SHAKE) FB page at https://www.facebook.com/TheGroundWillShake?fref=ts Thanks all! www.thegroundwillshake.com

Quick Update

Hi all Sorry its been a few weeks since we've sent out an update on the project. The recording kicks off in a few weeks. We are booked into Westland Studios with producer Pete Holidai on June 15/16/17/20 After that we hope to move through post production and manufacturing pretty quickly for a mid July release. We've been fairly busy gig wise playing at a lot of festivals and various other gigs. But we have some exciting announcements to make in the next week or two. Including details of a live radio show from RTE where we will be performing one of the lead tracks from the forthcoming release. Thanks again

EP Update

Hi all We thought we'd send you an update on our progress with the EP. Well, we've finally secured our studio and producer, and we are seriously excited with the results. The EP is going to be produed by the legendary Mr Pete Holidai. Pete was our first choice and it was the perfect partnership when Pete heard the demo's, came along to a gig, and declared that he really likes what we are doing and wanted to work with us. Pete has a career in the Irish and International music scene that spans 5 decades! Sorry Pete :) He has his roots firmly in 1950s Rock and Roll and brings with him a built in filter for naff from his days as the guitarist with Irish Punk pioneers The Radiators From Space. Pete has managed and produced squillions of bands and recording sessions as well as formerly holding the esteemed position of house producer at RTE's legendary Fanning Sessions. We wouldnt swap Pete for Sam Phillips himself...well, maybe Sam Phillips + some studio time in Sun Studios in Memphis :) We've also secured a deal with Westland Studios in Dublin City Centre. We've found that using the fundit experience for crowd funding has had good effects when it comes to negotiating with studios. They basically understand that to run such a campaign you have to be driven and know exactly what you want. They also know theyre dealing with individuals and not a moneybag record company. SO we got the exact deal we want within our budget. We get 4 days of recording and mixing in an enormous, old world studio that has an embaressing collection of vintage amps and mics from the dawn of audio recording right up until the present day. Westland also boasts both old analog tape machines and desks as well as the latest in digital recording technology. The only snag is that with 3 parties (Ours/Studios/Pete's) busy schedules to manage, the earliest recording dates we could set was mid June. So our release will be July instead of May. On the plus side that gives us more time to continue our pre-production and finish a few more songs off. Thanks all, we'll be sending an update in the next couple of days in relation to enlisting your help ins eleceting a name for the release. Have a great Rock and Roll weekend! The Rockets


Hi all Sorry for the delayed update on our project. When the project clears there is a certain number of administration days where our account gets locked and the pledges are processed by fundit. During this time artists are unable to send updates via the account. This has now run its course. So, first of all, I'd like to say a huge thank you again to everyone who has pledged towards our campaign. We have received the list of pledges from fundit and will be working on sending out the rewards once the recording has been completed. We have selected 5 songs for pre production and will be working on these to figure out which final four will be recorded for the EP. We have selected Westland Studios in Dublin for the recording. Its an old analog/digital studio in the city centre, and the history of who's who in rock n roll has passed through its doors. So we are pretty excited. We will be blogging the entire process direct to you guys once we have selected some recording dates which work with the schedules of the studio, ourselves and our producer. Thanks again The Rockets

Update and new demo

Hi all Thanks to a lot of serious generosity we are up to €2,450 and are 81% funded with 15 days remaining. Thanks so much for all support. To show our appreciation we'd like to share a rehearsal demo with you of a brand new song finished of last night. Enjoy https://soundcloud.com/therockets-1/melmoth-the-wanderer

Rockets EP update

Hi all Just a quick update on our progress. We have so far raised a total of 1,845 euros. The response has been fabulous, we have a few pledges who aren't too computer literate, so when we add their pledges in we think we will be on track and looking good with 17 days to go. On Saturday we met with a well known Irish guitarist and producer who has years experience in the business. He was our first choice producer and the fact that he's on board has us all foaming to get into the studio and record. We're scoping studios and hope to start pre-production towards the end of March. Thanks again to you all for your generous support. The Rockets

Weekly EP update

Hi all Quick update just to let you know how the campaign is going. Thanks to generous friends and fans we have now raised €920. We are 30% funded with 36 days to go. Basically we are in good shape. During last nights rehearsals we put some finishing touches to our track 'Reno' and added a fantastic guitar solo on 'Miss Serene' We also finished a new song which has a 1950s Hispanic rhythm, think Link Wray meets Johnny Cash's Mexican horns on 'Ring Of Fire' Also, we are considering adding a contemporary chart hit to the EP, covered of course in a Rockabilly fashion. If you have any suggestions, please mail em on. Thanks again for your generous support, and please share our project with your friends. Cheers The Rockets

Demos from Feb 11th rehearsals

A few demos from last nights rehearsals Miss Serene acoustic https://soundcloud.com/therockets-1/miss-serene-acoustic-demo Reno acoustic https://soundcloud.com/therockets-1/reno-acoustic-demo Miss Serene (band version) https://soundcloud.com/therockets-1/miss-serene-demo-drums

Demo version of Red Eye

Hi Folks Thanks for taking an interest in helping to create our debut EP. Here's a demo of Red Eye, which is sure to be recorded for our debut release. The song is recorded live from rehearsals, warts 'n all http://bit.ly/UcBkot €80 up!

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