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The Manhattan Syndrome Album Fundraiser.

By The Manhattan Syndrome


The Manhattan Syndrome are Anna, Evan, Pearse, Sean, and Jamie, five friends who released their Debut EP successfully in 2011, and have spent the last year writing and perfecting an album of songs we absolutely love.

We’ve laughed, cried, and sweated this album, not to mention the many outrageous rock & roll tantrums, smashed guitars, and flying TV’s our friends and family have had to deal with. We’re ready now, and we want people to hear this thing.

With recording set for December, we’ve been scraping our pockets, turning each other upside down, checking the sofas, selling lemonade, trying to pass Jamie’s drawings off as masterpieces to wealthy art collectors… pretty much anything to raise the funds and make this project of love a possibility.

We’ve come up just that little bit short so far, and so we are turing to you guys. Fans, Friends, Family, Well-wishers, Saudi Princes, anyone who would like to help us; now is your chance.

The Project: This isn’t just our album, it’s yours too. We want this release to bear the marks of those who helped make it a possibility. The album is untitled, and for a good reason. We want you to name it for us. Most of the songs are untitled; we want you to name those too.

Details: We’ve put in roughly 75% of what we need so far, saving all our hard earned money and living on figs, but it just isn’t enough. The €1,500 we need will go towards the final days of studio time, and packaging/distribution of the finished Album. Absolutely no money will be spent on sweets and chocolate!

Conclusion: Please take the time to help us out, and receive what we think are pretty great rewards in return. We appreciate any amount as every small contribution will go a long way. As important as contributing with money, is what you can do to help spread the message and help get other people involved.

We all wish you the very best.

Thank you, The Manhattan Syndrome. (Anna, Evan, Pearse, Jamie, and Sean)



113% with 1 hour left...

Simply amazing.

Facepaint, Fund-it, and us.

15 days left and almost half way there! First off some thanks are in order: Leah Elliott, Nicole Murray, Darragh Granahan, Charlotte Rufie, Kieran Stewart, Andreas Larsson, Mary Walsh, Ingrid Darniche, Ian Hussey, Clodagh Fay, Emmet Feeney, eoin murray, John Fallon, Lisa Byrne, Claire Murray, Paraic Scanlon Some of you we know, some of you we don't, but all of you have contributed something vital to our project. For this we can only offer our sincerest gratitudes, and hope that you prepare yourselves for some well deserved rewards coming your way. As part of the project, we're releasing new images periodically in support of the campaign. You can view them all on our website, and there will be more! http://www.themanhattansyndrome.com If you like the images feel free to steal them, use them, share them, print and love them! TMS

Big thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!

A pretty amazing response so far, with over a third of the project funded already, only a few days in. To keep up to date with what we're doing, take a look at our website, we'll be releasing new images and various tidbits over the coming weeks! : www.themanhattansyndrome.com

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