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The Maglus : A Magnetic Stylus For iPad

By Applydea - Apply The Idea


The Maglus Stylus is the brainchild of Applydea. Applydea was formed by two industrial designers, Andy Shaw and Noel Joyce from Offaly in Ireland. We work to an ethos of problem solving on the fly. Hence the name Applydea. We come across problems develop a solution and then apply the idea. Some of these ideas work, some don't. This project is one that works and we would like to share it with others. The product is named The Maglus. It is a magnetic stylus for use on capacitive touchscreens. It has been developed with several goals in mind.

1. To have a stylus that would not get lost and was always close to hand.
2. To provide a stylus that feels like a pen or a marker for use in different apps.
3. To make a product that had a premium feel on par with the device it is being used with.
4. To make the use of a stylus and tablet interface a better experience.

Why we need your help?

We have the ability to design and develop the product and have several beta models helping us to perfect the device. Where we need your help is to be able to fund the first batch run of units, which will be given to pledgers. The €15,000 will be used for tooling and manufacture, assembly and packaging and to ship your Maglus world wide. The Maglus is our first idea that we have brought to this stage and we would be grateful for any feedback you may have for us - please visit any of our weblinks

Who will it benefit?

Pledgers whom receive The Maglus will be rewarded with a better more fluid tablet experience. They will receive a premium product at a substantially discounted price to the R.R.P of €24.99 (ex p+p).
Maglus is especially useful with Ipad 2 as it attaches to both the smart cover or the iPad 2 itself preventing it from getting lost and ensuring it's always close to hand. We have included a shirt clip in the design for first generation iPad or other tablet users as the ergonomic design will benefit all.

As industrial designers beginning a career we would be grateful for any feedback. You can communicate with us via our social media pages (facebook etc). This will help us to design other products to suit your needs.

Thank you for your support ,

Noel and Andy.