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The Led Farmers Album

By Greg Clifford


The Led Farmers (aka LED), are a 4 piece folk fusion act. The members are all experienced players, who come from varying musical backgrounds and projects. Each member has studied and qualified with degrees and masters’ in Classical music as well as embracing pop, rock and experimental genres.

Although the group appears to be comedic in nature, we take performance very seriously. We place a great importance on high energy gigs, entertaining the audience, pushing musical expectations and getting fans involved. We always encourage crowd participation. A Led Farmers gig is always a surreal, unique but highly enjoyable experience. All too often performers fail to interact with the audience and take themselves too seriously. We’re not afraid to laugh and make the crowd smile. It’s all about positive vibes and energy!

For the last 3 years the band has toured extensively in Switzerland during the month of March. The Led Farmers have been gradually building a reputation on Swiss soil and now wish to present themselves to an Irish audience.

The purpose of this campaign is to raise enough funds to complete our album. Your kind support will help speed up the whole process; in the form of mixing, mastering, CD duplication and packaging. By getting involved in this project you will have the opportunity to avail of our rewards. Become ingrained in Led’s history by making this CD a reality. Thank you for taking the time to view our video and read our words.

The Dog, Paidin, Morrisons, Dilhunt O’Brien



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