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The Invader Opera - Adopt a Soprano

By Theatre Royal Productions


The Invader will be the first opera to premiere in The Theatre Royal in Waterford City since 1792 and we need your help to make history happen. It is being produced by Theatre Royal Productions and presented as a major civic event to celebrate the 1100th anniversary of the founding of the city of Waterford in May 2014. By contributing to our "Adopt a Soprano" campaign, no matter how small the amount, you will be helping us to bring a little bit of magic to Waterford, Ireland's oldest City and your contribution may buy a Soprano some lozenges, feed her up on pizzas and cornettos during the long rehearsal days or even help her get back to her loved ones in the far flung corners of the world after the production ....but fear not, our Sopranos will always love you dearly for helping. Welcome to the family!

The Invader is a new Irish opera created by composer Eric Sweeney and poet Mark Roper and it is being directed by Ben Barnes. Inspired by the parable of The Bacchae, from the great Greek playwright Euripides, composer Eric Sweeney & poet Mark Roper have brought this story of human folly and divine anger to life. The opera carries us on a fascinating journey of transformation; blurring the lines between laughter and anguish, repression and uninhibited sexuality, reason and illusion, kindness and cruelty.

Director Ben Barnes and his team have set Eric Sweeney's strikingly beautiful music in a contemporary world familiar to us all where the illusion of control overlays an atmosphere of suspense. From the darkness which lies beyond the walls of our world, The Invader stealthily emerges and waits to be admitted. A charismatic figure, at once gentle and terrible, after whom nothing can ever be the same!

The Invader promises to be a vibrant, stylish production of a stirring, boldly structural and lyrical composition. An international cast will deliver an original and stimulating evening for the seasoned opera lover and first timer alike.

The international cast includes Telman Guzevsky, Joe Corbett, Natasha Jouhl, Alison Browner & an orchestra lead by RTÉ ConTempo Quartet.

Composer & Musical Director, Eric Sweeney | Librettist, Mark Roper | Director, Ben Barnes | Designer, Monica Frawley | Lighting, John Comiskey | Movement, Libby Seward.

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