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The Hidden Sounds needs your help!

By Rodger Boyle



My name is Rodger Boyle. I am a Sound Artist based in Galway City. I am also the Researcher, Editor, Presenter and Producer of Internet Radio Programme The Hidden Sounds on basic.fm.

On August 12th my flat in Galway was burgled and most of my stuff was stolen, including my equipment for creating my Art and the show (laptop and mic) My aim for starting a fund it campaign is to hopefully get enough funding to help replace the stolen equipment so I will be able to continue producing works of Sound Art and The Hidden Sounds.

In 2010 I graduated GMIT with a BA in Fine Art and have been producing Sound Art ever since under the name Ruairi o' Baoighill. I have self released two albums of my work and was currently in the middle of my third. However since the burglary most of the work on the third album has been lost which as you can imagine is very distressing, especially with a festival appearance coming up. With your help I will be able to get my third album completed and continue developing my skills as a sound artist. I will also be able to continue producing my internet radio show.

Let me tell you about the show. The Hidden Sounds is about finding experimental musicians, both known and unknown in the field of circuit bending and giving them a place where their work can be heard. There is so many talented people going unnoticed because of lack of support.
My aim is to give them a place where they can be heard.

I have been producing The Hidden Sounds since May 2nd and in that time I have been lucky enough to earn a healthy following of loyal listeners and interact with so many interesting artists, even having American Sound Artist Philip Mantione creating a brand new piece especially for the show. I love doing the show and really feel like I'm letting my listeners and those who have submitted work to be played on the show down by not being able to produce new shows.

I hope you can help me out after such an unfortunate and unnerving incident.

Thank you.