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The Geek, The Bully and The Dummy

By Nathan Dunne


The Geek, The Bully and The Dummy is a short comedy film that follows the exploits of a group of three bored 10-11 year olds as they try and make some money so they can buy a mini-motorbike.

The script is written by the director Matthew Rogan and is being produced by Nathan Dunne and Mohummad Ali.

We are a group of 3 current film students all from Mayo. We have made many small short films together over the last few years but we want to move up in the world and try to make something bigger. This film will be the most ambitious project we have undertaken to date.

We want to make this film the biggest and best film we have done yet. In order to achieve this goal, we need a small budget. We plan to maximize the potential of the film by utilizing our budget in the most efficient way. The budget will go towards renting equipment, transport and feeding of the cast and crew, props and other general production expenses.

The film is to be shot entirely within our hometown of Castlebar, using local locations and local talent. Many are unaware of the talent within Castlebar, so we would like to get as many local people on board to showcase the talent within the town. We plan on using local young actors for the main roles and musicians for the film's soundtrack.

We hope to make the film to a very professional and high standard. After completion of the film and after post production when the film is all finished, we will have a premiere in a Castlebar venue for all that would like to see the film. After that we hope to enter it into various film festivals around Ireland and the world, so that it can get the attention it deserves.