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The Four Faced Liar Issue 1

By Patrick Holloway


The Four Faced Liar is the new Cork-based literary journal. Named after the much-loved Shandon Bells, and edited by four lovers of tall stories, its first print issue will launch in autumn 2022, showcasing an exciting and eclectic mix of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, literary translation and visual art. Issue 1 will include a mix of new voices with established writers (Mary O’ Donnell, Danny Denton, Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe, and Jan Carson)For issue one, we need your help. We believe in paying writers and artists, and all contributors will be paid for their work. To get this issue to print we need the help of lovers of literature and art. Or established writers who wish to support emerging writers to get their cherished words into print. Or those who simply feel some empathy for four optimistic souls who’re working long unpaid hours to bring this idea to fruition.

All money raised will go to payment to contributors for their work, printing costs, and venue hire for the launch.

     WHO WE ARE:

  • Four writers in different genres.
  • Prize winning fiction writers and poets.
  • A wealth of experience in literature and the arts.
  • Published in the most reputable journals in Ireland, the UK and the USA.
  • All with different backgrounds and experience outside the arts, from management to community leadership.
  • All with one goal, to create a new space for writers and artists to showcase their work.

    Printing costs could increase but we have already spoken to different printers about our idea and have their word. There is also a printer abroad whose prices are fixed. We plan to have an in-person launch of issue one, in case of Covid, that could be changed to online modality.

    We’re quietly confident of funding in 2023. But, meantime, we have to self-fund Issue 1. We really believe in The Four Faced Liar; it already exists for us - but our wealth resides in our ideas, our enthusiasm, our imaginings and our collaborations. We have to raise enough to pay our contributors from Issue 1 - no ifs or buts there - and get The Four Faced Liar into glorious print.

    We want to thank you for reading about our project and for hopefully believing in it, too. We hope you can help us seek out and nurture new writing and art, especially from members of communities that tend to be less often championed or published, from voices less often heard.

        If we reach our target, any extra funding will be used to increase contributors' payment.


The Four Faced Liar