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The Doggie Do

By Doggie Do


As you may have guessed, The Doggie Do is all about dogs. You could say that it’s about celebrating the enduring bond that exists between Homo Sapiens and Canis Familiaris. You could also say that it is all about enjoying a fun family day out in the leafy confines of one of the City’s loveliest parks, Merrion Square. With loads of dogs.

We were inspired in great part by the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade, an event that’s been taking place in New York City’s East Village for donkey’s years. What makes that event so special is not just the hilarious costumes (although some would crack you up), it’s the sense of community amongst the dog-owners who just hang out, share shaggy-dog stories and just generally shoot the breeze. If you had a tail, it would be wagging.

We wanted to bring a little of that spirit to Dublin, to open up the City to our paw-pals and give the ‘other’ members of our families a day out. So - The Doggie Do was born! The centrepiece of the day will be a dress-up parade for dogs and their humans, culminating with the crowning of the inaugural ‘Dog of Dublin’ and it promises to be quite the spectacle, but we know that not everyone likes to play dress-up. We also know that some pooches would take your hand off if you tried to get the flying-goggles on! With that in mind we are programming a full day of events, from the educational to the informative, right down to the downright ridiculous.

There will be Vet Q&A’s, talks from top groomers and trainers and a strong focus on responsible dog ownership. There will be a ‘Doggie and Soul’ area and participatory sideshows involving agility and scent trials. You can also expect light-hearted talks, such as ‘Appetite for Destruction’, where owners can swap anecdotes about their little treasure’s accidental acts of carnage, or other funny habits. Your dog bowl will runneth over too - we will have a picnic ‘market garden’ with some of Ireland’s finest food producers. Throw in some live music, guaranteed fine weather* and you’ve got a party on your hands. Oh, and how about an open-air movie screening to cap it all off?

Now isn’t that something that you would like to see happen?

If it is, Doggie Do needs you now! We need your help so we can advance plan this event, work on installations, build the dog walk, invite speakers and ensure the best possible experience for everyone.

The Doggie Do - It’s a Mardi Gras for Mutt and Man…

The Doggie Do is brought to you by Le Cool Dublin, Happenings & Mr & Mrs Stevens. Supporting Dogs Trust Ireland. International Media Partners - Four & Sons. With thanks to Dublin City Council for the use of Merrion Square.