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The Death of Poetry, and Triptych

By The Poetry Bus


Peadar O'Donoghue's second collection of poems,'The Death of Poetry' is an excoriating commentary on the current Irish poetry scene.This book was originally to be published by Salmon Poetry. His first critically acclaimed collection, 'Jewel' was a best selling title on the Salmon Poetry website. If you love poetry or if you hate poetry, you will love this book!

The Triptych takes three very diverse poets, Fióna Bolger, Korliss Sewer and Fran Lock, and puts their work together in an eclectic book of contemporary poetry that is not to be missed.

Fióna Bolger is a Dublin poet and co-facilitator of The Dublin Writers' Forum. She spent many years in India and this experience is richly reflected in her fabulous poetry. Though the poems here often reflect the darker side of life they are littered with and lifted by exotic words of vibrant colour and beauty. Her finely honed poems are widely published and her first grimoire, The Geometry of Love between the Elements, was published by PB Press in 2012. Fióna's has a first Indian collection due from Yoda Press in 2019 and a first Irish collection from Salmon Poetry in 2020. 

Fran Lock is a London based poet and the author of four collections, (Dogtooth, Mystic and The Pig Thief, Flatrock, Muses and Bruises), a chapbook, Pikey, published in Laudanum anthology alongside Abigail Parry and Kimberly Campanello. She was a winner of the Ambit Poetry Competition and placed third in the 2014 National Poetry Competition (England). Nobody writes like Fran Lock. Her poems feature an intricate language, with a unique vocabulary.  Her astonishing use of words can knock you out with a violent punch between the eyes then two lines later break your heart in two. Transcendent patois, part gypsy, part working class guerrilla, largely urban, often political, always magical.

Korliss Sewer is a Pacific Northwestern poet, her poems have been published in many magazines and journals. She enjoys observing the quirkier things of life which arise from the mundane, these events are often witnessed through the windows of her own home in Tacoma Washington. Korliss brings us the extraordinary of the ordinary in cool, pithy, witty and wonderful observational poems.This will be her first published book and we can't wait to see it!

All the funds will be spent on printing and postage and a small launch, which we hope you will come to!

Despite the excellence of our books and the effort we've put in over the last eight years we have yet to receive any support or financial help from either the Arts Council or Poetry Ireland. PB is a Press of the people,we can only survive with your help. Ideally we need €800 but can't risk not hitting the target as Fund it is all-or-nothing! Please help if you can, and tell all your friends.



The eagles have landed!

At last, here they are, we are really happy with them. We will be in touch to get your postal addresses, or it would be so cool if you came along to the launch and picked up your copy in person this saturday 3pm at THe Workman's Club Wellington Quay Dublin.

There will be wine, wellingtons, snacks, champagne (available to buy at the bar) helicopter rides, bouncy castle, dancing girls, acrobats, clowns, the whistling goats of Andalusia, possibly even some poetry, but don't let that out you off! 

ALL WELCOME! Bring your friends, neighbours, family, cat and a few strangers roped in from the steet.

So close!

Nearly there, hoping to hear from the printers ASAP, they've a bit of a backlog, BUT the launch is booked, it would be fantastic if you could come along (and pick up your book too, if you like)
we'd love to see you. Korliss lives in America and can't make it, but Fran and Fióna are terrific readers of their own poetry and will read a few of Korliss' too. Peadar will read some poems from TDOP and there will be wine and snacks, so please come along and say hello, and we can say a HUGE thank you!

(Launch at The Vintage Room, The Workman's Club, 
10 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2, at 3pm on Saturday 13th April.)

Much love,
Collette and Peadar.

At the printers!

Hello everyone,
At last, at long last, the books are at the printers!

Very excited. They are looking GOOD! No, they are looking GREAT!

Checking email every five mins for news, updates as soon as we get them. Hold tight.

Love Peadar and Collette.


Hello everyone,
The text of The Death of Poetry is ready to go. We've finalised the cover image too. See it here (hopefully!)


Getting stuck in to the text of Triptych now.

Unfortunately we've lost all our ISBN numbers, they can be retrieved for about €30. Overall it's onwards and upwards towards the finishing line.

Lots of love,

The work goes on!

Collette and I are knuckling down, typesetting, formatting, proof reading, it's time consuming and not a little testing, but we are getting there. Hold tight, these books will come and we are sure you will love them! We want them to be just right.
Love ,

Sorry for the delay

Hi everyone,
We hope you are all well, sorry for the delay in getting your books out to you. Peadar was in hospital for an operation but we are back to work now and will get the covers etc. done as soon as we can, then off to the printers. Shouldn't be too much longer now!
Thank you all for your support.
Much love,
Collette and Peadar.

Happy New Year!

Hello, how are you? Very best wishes to you all for 2019, hope you had a good Christmas break, as we did. Now on with the show. We are getting the books ready for print and will keep you updated on progress, we aim to have eveything posted around the world before the end of the month.

We can't wait to get our hands on the finished printed items and then on to our favourite bit, labelling and addressing all those envelopes, then to the post office to get these bold babies winging their way through the cosmos!

Thank you so much again for supporting Indie Poetry,
Lots of love,
Collette and Peadar.

Latest news.

Hi everyone,

Many thanks again for supportting PB Press. We thought we'd give an update to let you know what is happening. The campaign was successful (Wahoo!) it went over the target which was very exciting, specially as we need as much money as possible.

All you cards have now been debited and fundit are ready to transfer the money to us in the next few days or so.

We are working on putting the books into printable pdfs but need help with the covers as they need specialist software and skills which we don't have. We will pay someone to do this.

When the books are ready we will send them to the printers, who may well be very busy at this time of year. We will keep you updated and your rewards sent out as soon as possible.

Much love for now,
Peadar and Collette.


We did it! Did we? No,we didn't. YOU did it. THANK YOU all so much, pat yourselves on the back for making a difference, enabling creativity. You are special, never forget that. We won't.


127% funded with 4 days left to go. You have all been amazing, whether pledging, sharing, or just wishing uis well. We can't thank you enough, though the books will be worth it!

Here are our wonderful funders! Take a bow!

Wow! Getting close now!

Many thanks to new funders, Angela France, Martin Hayes and anonymous!

Not quite there yet, and extra would be most welcome.

You are all amazing!



88% funded! We think we are going to make it! A million thanks to our new funders, Korliss Sewer and anonymous!

Oh, boy, our stress levels, our despair, our joy. There are no words. Except LOVE!

Half way there (nearly!)

We are 49% funded!

Many thanks to new funders, Sue Kinsella, Nessa O'Mahony, Amanda Bell. Ali Whitelock, Anne Walsh Donnelly.

Still a long way to go, so tell all your family and friends to join in!

Collette and Peadar.

And they're off!

Ok, the race is underway, five furlongs, a few fences, all riders intact so far. A million thanks to Mick Corrigan, Seán Maguire, Elizabeth Carmichael-Davis, Fióna Bolger, and Alistair Graham.

You are fantastic, please tell your friends, tell the world, we cannot sleep (to be honest Peadar never sleeps anyway) 'til we hit the target! We hope we do make the target, because then you will get your books, and we know you will love them!

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