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The Dead Drop

By Dermot Tynan


About the Film:

In a dystopian Dublin, Michael, a manager at an industrial engineering company, is selling secrets to the other side. As the net closes in, he tries to persuade his handler "Pope" to help him flee the city with his wife, Laura.

The film came about through some actor/director workshops run by Claddagh Films during 2011. We workshopped some of the scenes, without the intention of making a short film, but the scenes ended up being so compelling, that we had to get them on film. The original two or three scenes were expanded and developed into a compelling, fifteen page short script.

The film is really about the characters and their conflicts, against the dramatic backdrop of a cold war-esque city.

About the Team:

My name is Dermot Tynan, I am a writer/director at Claddagh Films. I have directed five short films which have played at festivals around the world. I'm a member of the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland (SDGI) and the Irish Film and Television Academy (IFTA).

The main roles have been cast, with Michael Bates (Derelict, Titanic: Blood and Steel) playing Michael, Gerry Wade (Marú, The Tudors) as Pope and Leonie Quinn (Butchers, The House) as Laura.

IFTA-award-winning cinematographer Peter Robertson has agreed to shoot the film, and we will be relying on our usual team of professional sound and camera personnel.

The Directors Guild has temporarily secured an Arri "Alexa" digital motion picture camera (comparable to the Red), for use by members to produce short films which will screen at the Galway Film Fleadh. We think the film will look stunning, on the new Alexa camera. The dramatic lighting and "film noir" elements of the film will play to the strengths of the camera.

The Budget:

We intend to bring this film in for under 5,000 Euro. Claddagh Films has already secured 1,500 of the budget, and we need your help to fund the remaining 3,500.

We will be shooting over three or four days in April, with a view to a premiere at the 2012 Galway Film Fleadh in July.



One week down...

This FundIt stuff is nerve-wracking! We're only a week into this, and we have been amazed at the generosity of our funders. We're humbled! Of course, we're one week closer to the finish line as well, and that brings its own worries. If we don't secure the full amount, then we don't get any of the funding. Even five euro could make the difference, this time four weeks from now. That's edge of the seat country right there. But it's too early to get nervous. Thanks a million to everyone who contributed, so far. We're looking forward to gearing up in April and shooting this baby (all going well...).

And so it begins...

Our little film is live and here's hoping it finds its legs...

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