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The Chocolate Fairy goes to the market

By The Chocolate Fairy


My name is Annika aka 'The Chocolate Fairy'. When my lovely cake pop friends on the farmer's market told me that they would move away, I was devastated.

But then it struck me. I should ask them if they would teach me how to make their cake pops and how to work with chocolate in general. And they did!

Now...to make my dream of my own stall at the farmer's market happen I will need your help.

I've done a couple of test batches (which were gone in a blink! yay! ), designed my own logo for my facebook page (check it out, it's a little fairy! :D ) and sewed it onto my stall decoration. I bought the cheapest table I was able to find and was delighted when I remembered the crappy gazebo, which came with our BBQ.

I got display stands made out of a old kitchen plate and drilled every single one of the 196 holes myself. My husband organised a wonderful piece of marble, for free!

I informed the health authorities and my kitchen got approved, ordered 1050 sticks and 1008 sugar eyes and contacted all the chocolate producers I could find.

And then I realised, no matter how stubborn I am and how many hours I work, I can't do it alone. I still need melting pots, as holding the chocolate on one temperature while dipping cake pops is almost impossible with a water bath on an electric hob. I need chocolate to dip my cake pops in, but one kg costs between 7 and 15 € (average). And I'd love to offer coloured cake pops and high end 68% wild Bolivian chocolate bars and discs, because more people should try it, and it is the finest piece of chocolate I've ever tasted!

I want to order one opened and one closed cacao pod, to show the children and adults at my stall where the goodies they eat are coming from. They would also make amazing decoration!

Before I write too much I will stop here and finish with a quote from Henry David Thoreau:

"Do not worry if you have built your castles in the air. They are where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."

Will you help me put a foundation under them? In exchange you get yummy treats or even the knowledge how to make them or you could get immortal (kind of), with your cake pop designed after your face! :D Check out my rewards, every party is better with themed cake pops! <3

The Chocolate Fairy



Gaining momentum!

It's incredible how fast this has grown. And all thanks to you! I received a safe place on the Saturday market in Douglas, the new tent and a proper steady table arrived, on which even my hubby can lean on. It all looks very proffessional now! ;) I'm leaving my kitchen now between 6 and 8 rather than between 10 and 12, so this is a huge improvement, having the new bigger melting pots while making double the amount of cake pops I made a month ago. Most of you should have received their rewards, if not, please give me a shout and I look after you as soon as possible! Sending you much love and feeling very grateful for the trust you had in my, xxx, Annika

I'm back!

Hello there! Being without internet when you are so used to it feels very strange. But now I'm back. Some of you already received their rewards and hopefully enjoyed them, most of you will get an email in the next week, asking for more information or arrangements to meet up. We're settling in into our temporary home now and it's baking Sunday for me. :) Sending you much love! xxx Annika

we did it!

Hello wonderful people! Thank you so so so much for helping me fund my project. I couldn't contact you here until fund it cleared all the payments, but now it's done and over and I'll work hard to get those rewards to you! :) At the moment we are moving from Cork down to Bantry, so everything is a bit chaptic and I don't have internet most of the time, just to let you know why everything is moving a bit slower than normal! You can expect the big Thank You post tomorrow and again on the weekend, I'll have to make a list and a timeline now, so i don't forget anyone! Hope you had a lovely start into this fresh week, I'll talk to you soon! xxx Annika

64% and almost done

A big thank you to all my funders already! It's lovely to see that there are people who believe in me and my idea. I'm getting very nervous now, a few more hours and it's over. If we don't reach the 100% you won't get charged and I won't get anything, so fingers crossed there are a lot of last minute pledgers out there. ;) If you would spread the word once more, that would be fabulous! Sending off all my good vibes now! x

50 and a bit

At the moment our project is at 48% funded and we have a little less than a week to go. It would be lovely if you could spread the word and let your family, friends and social networks know that this project is still on, it would be very much appreciated! The Douglas market was a hit, I sold out and could even have sold more if I would have had more with me, which was a fantastic feeling! The test batch of the Bolivian chocolate made it hard for me, it's a pure cocoa-sugar mix, without any vanilla or soy lecithin, which makes it easier to work with. But after speaking with the technical support (oh yes, there is a technical support for chocolate! :D) I got the hang of it and it will be available on Friday in Bantry and if something is left also on Saturday in Douglas. Come and visit me, smell the Cocoa beans, get a taster piece and ask me all the questions you want! :) Looking forward seeing you, xxx

What a week!

A little more than 10 days left and we are at 41%. I'm blown away by the support of my funders and I hope I can reach my target and get those rewards to you! I had some amazing news this week, several orders came in and I was asked if I would cover someone for their holiday on the Douglas farmers market, so you can visit me there for the next 4 weeks on Saturdays! It's amazing how fast this has evolved, it's exciting and scary and exhausting and it makes me very happy. :) Keeping up with the work load is the most challenging thing at the moment and I'll make a big happy dance when we reach our target and then order 2 proper melting pots IMMEDIATELY. Also a tent I can set up on my own would be so good, my gazebo is like a puzzle and it needs two people to get it up. My beloved husband is the one coming with me every time, helping me set up, minding our baby and giving me breaks and selling for me in-between. I couldn't do it without him. I love you!

Cocoa pods and lavender

My cocoa pods arrived and they are a great conversation starter, people are very interested in the pods and beans and where chocolate is coming from. Also I worked on a "cakepop of the week", which means I'll have the big chocolate cake pops (normal and gluten free) plus the medium vanilla ones and a weekly changing cake pop for people feeling adventurous. This week it was lavender dipped in dark chocolate and everyone who tried it really liked it. :) My third market research day went fantastic, I almost sold out and it gave me a wonderful outlook of how it could be! ;D Thanks to all my funders so far, I'm very grateful for every single euro pledged! <3

Gluten free cake pops

I worked on a gluten free recipe for a while now, as several friends and my sister in law can't eat gluten and came up with a wonderful, moist cake pop, which will be added to my stall from next week on. I hope it makes life a tad happier for those suffering from coeliac disease. :)

Test days

I entered a new phase, doing market research by going to the market, selling whatever I'm able to make and it's awesome and scary and very exciting! I'd love to do this permanently, it's such a great atmosphere down at the Bantry market! Thanks so much to my first four funders, I'm very grateful for this good start! <3 x

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