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The Bright Side of the Moon

By Beyond The Bark


Help us to raise €2,000 to bring our performance The Bright Side of the Moon, to this year’s ABSOLUT Fringe Festival (September 14th to 17th). All funds raised on Fund it will go towards the cost of our rehersals in August, including transport during rehersals the set up of the show and during the performance period.  Money will also be spent on publicity materials, as well as renewed work on set, puppets, costume, light and sound.

Beyond The Bark is a Puppet and Installation theatre. We are made up of a group of freelance theatre practitioners who come together once a year to create visual theatre for both adults and children. Using puppetry, mask and physical theatre we approach reality in a fantastical way.

Sue Meehan’s stage play brings to life the mind of Lucy. Enter the dark world of Lucy's imagination as she faces the creatures haunting her, in the hope of seeing the bright side of the moon. Using a mix of reality and fantasy Beyond the Bark will draw you inside this fast-paced, dark and original play. Contemporary themes are given a fairytale treatment, in a show that reminds us that how you face the past is what will make your future. The show has been described as "satisfyingly beautiful, enchanting, charming and delicate" Fringe Review Brighton

Cara Christie (from such shows as Strike and Soh) , Aidan Crowe (from such shows as Revengers Tragedy and Strike) and Moira Averill (from such shows as Blood from a Turnip and Mondegreen) are the puppeteers and actors who bring these wondrous creatures and characters to life with marionettes and awe inspiring shadow puppetry. Not only will Emma Fisher's beautifully crafted puppets charm the audience, but T.C Gallagher's set, which moves and comes to life will bring them into a world unlike any other.

A massive Thank You for your support from all the team at Beyond the Bark



What we are up to

The Bright Side of the moon's Sue Meehan has been working on our script. We had are first rehersal read through day on wednesday and we are very excited with the alterations made.The performers are busy learning there lines and getting ready to go into rehearsals in Draiocht's studio Space which they have kindly given to us from the 22nd of August to the 3rd of September. Thank you so much for your kind donations, we are very excited about the ABSOLUT Fringe which was launched last wednesday. Thank you for helping us be part of such a fantastic festival.

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