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The Audition

By The Audition Production


The film follows Natasha an aspiring Dublin actress who goes to audition for what she hopes will be the role of a lifetime. However, as the story unfolds Natasha realizes not all is as it seems... and some roles are to die for...

This will be the first film written and produced by Sinead Watters. Sinead graduated from the first Programme for Screen Acting course in The Factory directed by Lance Daly, Kirsten Sheridan, Shimmy Marcus and Maureen Hughes.

"I've always been interested in horrors and psycho thrillers and to get the chance to make our very own is a dream...or should I say nightmare come true! :) We have an amazing team on board and an incredible location to make what I know will be an awesome film. 

However even with the dedicated support of our cast and crew, we couldn't make this film alone. With a dynamic team and myself we know we have the potential to make a great film. So we weighed it up, discussed our costs, what could we hopefully get for free or at a low prices. But we realised that despite the goodwill of so many people working with us for free or on low rates, there are still many expenses that can't be begged, borrowed, or even stolen! Things like insurance, feeding everybody, and post production. They all add up!

In the end the figure we agreed on was €3,000 and while that does seem like a lot of money, we believe the finished film will look and feel like a million dollars! And it will do with your help. Pledging your money, even €10, goes a long way. No donation is too small because it all adds up and will go to great use. So please donate what you can, spread the word and we'll keep you up to date on our progress."


The money raised from the Fund it campaign will be used for: 
Equipment hire (Camera, Lighting, Sound) 
- Crew
- Catering 
- Special Effects 
- Grading 
- Editing 

We like to thank All in advance for getting this film made and for the opportunity to scare the life out of you! 
Please enjoy our teaser trailer to give you a feel of what we want to create. 

Many Thanks
The Audition team



The Audition is nearly halfway there!

Hey you generous funders, just an update to say thanks so much for making this happen. We're nearly halfway there! You're literally making my dream come true. To be able to create something I love. Unfortunately film is an art form that comes at a cost, but having people like you supporting the dream, makes it all worth while! So thank you to everyone who's funded so far, x :)

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