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The Arrows that Murder Sleep – the Album

By Lorcan Mac Mathuna


I am a sean nós singer from a home where this was and is a consuming passion. In Sean-Nós I was drawn to a richly hued tonal view of music which I felt was personal and beautiful. If I were to try and identify the quintessential essence of Irish heritage I would say the spirit of Sean-Nós is it. Musically this notion intrigues and excites me, and it has become the overarching stylistic basis of most of my compositions.

If I were to claim any achievements on an artistic level maybe I could point to musical interpretations of major Gaelic historical texts such as The Battle of Clontarf and An Táin. Or the creation of a genre of music based on the meters of medieval Sylabic Gaelic poetry. None of these achievement were undertaken on my own I admit, but no harm as I firmly believe that the story telling in these was magnified by the collaborative approach

Over the past six years, and more, I have been putting together collections of songs for myself and an eclectic group of musician-friends -Martin Tourish, Seán Mac Erlaine, Eoghan Neff, and Daire Bracken. Composed in the sean-nós tradition and with subjects such as The Battle of Clontarf and the Life of Colmcille; they seemed to have worked for reasons which I can’t really define.

It’s a bit of a mystery to me why they end up sounding how they do; we don’t have any particular rules about how to perform them, its pure intuition I guess. listening to our live recordings from the concerts over the years I believed that there was something mysterious and beautiful created in those moments of interaction that happens live. An intuitive improvisation I suppose. For my part, I am guided by the storytelling tradition of Sean-Nós and perhaps that’s enough.

So we got together earlier this year and set up a live session in a beautiful space and set up a matrix of mikes to try and capture that mystery I talked about in the live interpretation. And afterwards I went to a talented young artist named Rónán Ó Raghallaigh and asked him to listen to this music and let his pen and his inner eye respond to it.

Rónán’s response was rich and beautiful, and spoke of transformation. The recording, I am glad to say went really well; beautifully sad, strident, grainy, and capturing a fission which pops up far too regularly to explain.

So the project is nearly finished. Artwork done; recording done; and most of the mixing is ready to send away. The project is 90% done and paid for but to finish it off will need a little extra money. €900 would actually do the trick and that is how much I hope to raise with your help.

All going to plan it will be launched in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, this October.

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