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T-shirts by T-shock

By T-shock


Who, where, what and how is T-shock?

T-shock (not to be confused with an Taoiseach) is an independent designer based in Dublin specialising in humorous artwork with an Irish flavour. You may be familiar with T-shock from previous projects including the infamous Death Bus t-shirt, the Dublin ’88 Transformed milk bottle and Billy Roll badges. I’m grand, thanks.

That’s nice but why does T-shock want your help?

My blog is spilling over with designs and I’m dying to get some of them off the screen and onto the chests of the public. Your support will help fund the production of three t-shirts featuring my designs. The t-shirts will be screen printed in Dublin on 100 percent cotton garments.

What are these designs, then?

‘The White Ladies of Cabra’ celebrates Dublin’s iconic Lady on the Rock statues. Some have speculated the White Lady is a secret symbol showing the location of a brothel. Others think the ‘plaster’ she’s cast in is actually a different kind of white powder hidden in full view. I reckon she’s the closest thing to an Irish Cheryl Cole.

‘Dublin ’88 Transformed’ recalls Dublin’s 1988 millennium celebrations. The design is inspired by my two memories of the 1980s: going to see an inflatable 18th Century gentleman on Dollymount Strand and watching a lot of cartoons.

‘Feck’ comes from the series ‘Irish Comic Book Sound Effects’. These designs reimagine Irish slang words as retro comic book sound effects. They might come in handy if Batman ever takes a trip to Craggy Island.

And what do funders get for their money?

By funding the t-shirts your support will be rewarded with the t-shirts themselves and a range of badges as pictured in the video. Any amount over €15 means you will be one of the first to own one or more of these t-shirts.