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Super Secret September Show

By Rule Of Three Collective


Although our show premiering in Dublin in September is still super-secret, we can give you a sneaky idea of what’s to come* (and let you know that we are excira’ and delira’, excited and delighted, aufgeregt und Erfreut for this!).

Rule of Three was born during a movement in Spain which prioritised a specific national identity, leading us to investigate the concept of national identity in terms of what it means to us today. As citizens of three different EU member states, we felt compelled to knock down walls, pass through borders, and refuse to let attitudes like Brexit stop us from connecting and having hope for the future. We are retracing where we come from. You will have a blast as we tear stereotypes into confetti. We are celebrating and championing the best bits of our heritage, bringing them with us in to the future.

Cast & Crew - €740
Staging - €400
Insurance - €150
Marketing - €550
Box Office Commission - €790
Fund it Commission - €240
Fund it Rewards - €130

Made up of 5 cailíní and a buachaill , we are: writer/actors Katie O’Byrne, Sinéad Brady & Caroline Galvis, director Rosa Bowden, producer Nicola Horner, and lighting designer Shane Gill.

We are confident that our message will resonate with our supporters but we have to put those magnificent tóin, bums and Penner on seats! We need to market our show so that we have mates to join us on our theatrical romp through Europe past and present!

Crowdfunding will be the main source of initial funding for this show.
Our show is about the freedom to connect with other people, and through crowdfunding we will have the opportunity to connect with and involve so many beautiful, go hálainn and schön people! We believe in the strength that comes with finding common ground in Europe in 2018, and our supporters will be crucial to the show's success.

Thank you, go raibh maith agat and vielen Dank to everyone who who has taken the time to read about our campaign! Your support means so much as we bring this multi-cultural baby to life. It takes a village! Just remember: THIS SHOW IS NOT ABOUT YOUR PHONE BILL.

*We must also inform you that many white chocolate croissants, café con leches, patatas bravas, vermuts, cervezas and stereotypes were harmed in the making of this show. We also watched a lot of Eurovision footage**.

**This harmed our roommates. 




We are excirah and delirah to finally announce that we have been programmed in the 2018 Dublin Fringe Festival.

Our brand new show FREE EU ROAMING will make its debut this September at Smock Alley Theatre.

Preview: 8 September @ 18.45
Performances: 9-13 September @ 21.00

Tickets are on sale now from :

Those of you who chose a reward that includes free tickets, we will be in touch shortly!


We've reached our goal with almost 24 hours to spare! We need to extend a humongous THANK YOU/DANKE/GO RAIBH MÍLE MATH AGAT to all of you for supporting and not disowning us through this process ❤️❤️

You are all the Sams to our Frodo, and we couldn't have done this without you! there aren't enough complements in the world for our supporters but we want you to know you have great teeth, shiny hair, amazing taste in theatre, perfect skin and the best personalities 

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