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Sub Motion EP

By Sub Motion


Sub Motion: We are a young rock band based in Dublin. For those of you who don't know us, we've been playing together for 3 years. With Dublin being our hometown there has been plenty of great opportunities for us over the last few years. Having played many venues like The Academy and The Button Factory, we've built up a lot of live experience and we still love playing shows as much as possible! We released our debut EP in 2013, which helped us get a great development deal with MusicMaker and Temple Lane Studios.

Having recently finished up with Searchlight, the development deal with MusicMaker and Temple Lane Studios, we've been busy writing a lot of new songs. Our new material is a big step up from our last release and has a unique and exciting new sound. We are looking to record a selection of these new tracks in the form of a brand new EP, which we will record in Sun Studios.

Projects like this, involving high quality studios and producers are financially demanding, to say the least. So for a small emerging band like us, such a big goal can seem almost impossible to reach. This is why we need your help! Any and all contributions that you make will go towards the recording and mixing of this new EP, which we promise will sound awesome!

Thank you for reading all of this and for supporting our campaign. Your help means so much to us and we wouldn't be able to do what we do without you all! Every single person who purchases a reward to help us out will be included in the thank you message on the EP when we finish the project.

Thank you,

Rebecca, Conor, Sean, Alex and Cormac
- Sub Motion -



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