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Stray Lines, a graphic novel anthology.

By Paddy Lynch


Stray Lines is a comic book anthology featuring new work from Philip Barrett, Barry Hughes, Gus Hughes, Chris Judge & Andrew Judge, and Paddy Lynch.

Conceived as an opportunity to showcase some of Irelands most exciting and original comic creators together in a beautifully designed and produced publication, Stray Lines will make a handsome addition to any graphic novel collection as well as being a go-to source for new original Irish comic book talent.

Each artist has produced a 12 page contribution giving them ample space to demonstrate their own unique take on comic book storytelling. With no overriding theme except an emphasis on great material each contributor is free to explore ideas close to their own hearts. From Chris Judges tale of an illustrator caught up in World War II (a collaboration with his brother, Andrew), Barry Hughes beautifully illustrated hallucinogenic dream-world tale 'The Glass Trampoline', to Philip Barrett’s cryptic blind alley, ‘Endless Lap’, this 64 page collection delivers a substantial punch of storytelling suss.

We want to present this work in as best a package as possible, so all funds raised will be go towards our printing costs, procuring isbn numbers and some promotion in bookshops. We will be working with Plus Print (2011 Irish Small Printer of the Year) to ensure that this book will look and feel superb.



More from your Stray Lines friends at Cardboard Press!

Hi there Stray Lines funders, I just want to drop a one to you all to keep you abreast of what we have been up to since we last touched base. Thanks to the support of everyone and sales of the Stray Lines book we have been able to reinvest the money into another great publishing project. Cardboard Press will release 4 new stand alone comics from some great Irish creators on a monthly basis over this summer. Each of these comics will be between 32 and 40 pages in length and will feature self contained stories, with subject matters ranging from gentle humorous science fiction, to personal travelogues and heartfelt satire. Until the end of June, we're offering everyone the chance to subscribe for the whole season and get them delivered right to your door as soon as they are printed. For more information, you can see this link: http://www.cardboardpress.com/publications/cardboard-press-summer-2014-subscription/ Two Stray Lines luminaries will be among those putting this work out - Gus Hughes and myself, Paddy Lynch. If you enjoyed our work in Stray Lines I would recommend that you check out these new books! Thanks again for reading, Best Paddy Lynch

Stray Lines, launch invite

Hi there funders, Thanks for hanging in there, I know it's been a while. Hope you are all doing well. As we're going to print this week (finally! I hear you all say) I want to officially invite you all to the launch of Stray Lines. As promised, we've organised a special reception to launch the book. It's happening upstairs in the Workmans Club (http://www.theworkmansclub.com), Wellington Quay, Dublin 2 on Friday the 19th October from 6.30pm. Arrive early to partake in the complementary refreshments - we'll have all the books and rewards sitting waiting for you while you do. If you can't make the launch, we will be shipping the books out to all of you the following week. Thanks again for your support and patience. Paddy Lynch

Project Update #3

hello there Funders, Just wanted to drop a line to you again all to say thank you for your efforts during the campaign. We're working hard on the book and so far 3 of the 5 stories have been completed. From the look of them, the book is shaping up really really nicely. I expect to have all the completed artwork in over the course of the next few weeks and am in the process of finalising the print date, which looks to be a little bit later than previously estimated. Once again thank you for your patience and support, we will be in touch with more details this week. Paddy Lynch

Once again… wow!

Dear Stray Lines funders, Once again I'm in a state of awe at the amount of generosity that has been shown to our project. Last Thursday evening we were nudged over the finish line for our target of €2000. With just under a week to go, this is a fantastic position to be in and we can begin the process of preparing rewards and getting the book ready for the printer . We will have more details on the estimated delivery of your books and rewards right at the end of the campaign. Right now, we expect the book will be printed and everything will be ready to go by the last week in August. For now though, I want to send out a big heartfelt 'thank you' to everyone who has supported us so far. All the best Paddy Lynch

So far, so amazing…!

Wow, what can I say? We're super chuffed at the positive reaction and goodwill that this project is receiving. Thank you so much to everyone who has demonstrated their generosity and enthusiasm for this project and especially to those of you who jumped in right off the bat and got us up and running in the first few days. I had a brief chat with Liam Geraghty of the Comic Cast last week about the project, which you can listen to here: http://thecomiccast.com/2012/07/01/the-amazing-spider-man-reviewed/ Barry Hughes, one of the great artists (and the one behind the cover image) has put up a few of his pages on his flickr site, so you can take a sneak peek some of the AMAZING artwork he has produced for this book: http://www.flickr.com/photos/barrytonic/ Anyway stay tuned for more updates and sneak previews. Thanks a million Paddy Lynch

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