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By Spirit Of Folk Festival


Hello and thanks for visiting our Fund it page!

Natasha and Emily here - we're sister blisters and last year, along with our family and awesome group of friends, decided to set up The Spirit of Folk Festival. 'Impossible!' 'Your Dreamers!' 'Were in a recession!' We heard it all but we knew something they didn't. People will always be creative, always want to make art and music and will always power together to make something special happen! Spirit of Folk has an amazing team of workers, artists and production co-ordinators (they never get a mention!) and we need your help to make it happen again this year!

Lets tell you more;

Now in its second year The Spirit of Folk Festival is happening again at Dunderry Park, Co. Meath this September 21st-23rd.

The Festival is unique in that it combines folk music, culture and philosophy to a background of nature, art and friendly people and manifests as an immersive and visually aesthetic bespoke event.

The Folk element is apparent throughout with music from the genre showcased in our beautiful tipi stage. The ancient art of storytelling is given a home in a custom built replica megalithic cairn and sports and traditions such as falconry, archery, beekeeping, blacksmithery, coinery are re enacted through demonstrations, living history and experimental archeology (the battle re-enactments are particularly fun!)

Money made through the fund it campaign will go towards the running of the festival and in particular the creation of unique interactive art pieces for our Festival centerpiece and for the very special ‘Hall of Heroes'. Born at Spirit of Folk 2011 and run by 'Bust and Bust', this is the area of the festival where people can try out their dexterity, test their wits and experience gaming unplugged. It is also home to the ‘Setanta’ challenge’ a 10 foot wooden interactive art piece influenced by the myth of Cu Chullainn and built by artist Christian Reeves.

This year we will take more inspiration from Irish Mythology and give our team of artists the opportunity and space to create more visually beautiful and unique pieces that the festival goers can appreciate and become part of.

We want you to be part of the Spirit of Folk by becoming a patron of some of the most beautiful, inspiring and interactive art you will see at Festivals this year. We hope you like what you see and thanks for taking the time.

Natasha and Emily