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Target: €3627


€3,627 Raised


25 Funders

Soul Noir Festival 2022

By Soul Noir


Soul Noir was built to support true alternative and Gothic artists in Ireland and give them the platform they deserve. This is a unique festival designed to lift the veil of Gothic culture to Irish audiences and experience the highest standard artists in haunting and historic locations. This year will be a 2 day festival in The Irish Georgian Societies City Assembly House from October 31st - November 1st. Our programme ranges from esoteric work by Dolorosa de la Cruz to a performance by cellist Ailbhe McDonagh and performance artist Pauline Cummins. We showcase all artists with respect and our open call is open to everyone regardless of social class, education history, gender or race. We seek only to bring together all walks of life to celebrate the glory that is Goth. You can also check out our manifesto on our website  which details our principles and motivations.


This is what it takes to run the festival and we are looking for support towards these costs;

Rent: €2,214
Insurance: €346.49
Catalogue designer: €500
Photographer: €600
Hotel for photographer: €200
Professional security: €160
Catalogue and poster printing: €500
Opening reception wine etc: €200
Fund it fees @ 8% of target: €261.60
Hotel stay for 1 live event artist: €200

Total: €5182.09

We are looking for €3627.46 as our target to help with these costs.

Our team is made up of artists and industry professionals. This includes (i) MA Law graduate John Paul Maguire as our Director;(ii) BA artist Shota Kotake as our Artistic Consultant; (iii) BA dance artist Jack Rabbit as our Creative Co - Director and ; (iv) MA artist Sinéad Keogh as our Curator and Director. We run like a well oiled Victorian pocket watch. We are confident we can run this festival again and to a high standard with YOUR support.

We have faced and overcome each obstacle as a team. What we need is financial support to help us cover the costs of such an intricately designed festival. The financial burden weighs as much as a pair of Demonia boots.

We have been funded by Dublin City Council Art's Office for artist fees but we need your support in covering the running costs of this voluntary artist run festival. We have no funding for the costs of the festival itself whatsoever. This is why your support is so crucial.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Soul Noir. With YOUR support we can make this festival run... maybe even fly. You will receive beautiful gifts designed by Shota Kotake, including tote bags, postcards, posters, T- Shirts in exchange for funding and supporting underground arts and Gothic subculture in Ireland.