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What is Solstice?

Solstice is a five day arts event and symposium with a difference. The event will run in Cork from the 15th -19th of June 2011 as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival programme and will include over 30 performances and 150 of the most exciting, emerging and experimental artists across Theatre, Dance, Visual Art & Music.

Who is involved?

Solstice is being curated and produced by four young arts practitioners, Dawn Mac Allister, Eszter Némethi, Ruairí Donovan and Shirley Somers. A team of interns and volunteers will work alongside them to realise this unique and brave event.

What we will be doing?

We will provide artists involved with a platform to present their work within the context of an international contemporary arts festival, Cork Midsummer Festival, as well as exposing them to each others work and practice through a series of curated talks and workshops with leading national and international practitioners. Our main objective is the professional development of all involved and to facilitate and further establish a working network of artists and a stepping stone to regular professional employment within the cultural sector.

Where will it happen?

Solstice is an ambitious project and with the mentoring and support of Cork Midsummer Festival and the European Union Youth in Action Programme we are nearly there. Our pop up venue will rise from the flames of the once bureaucratic, derelict, Revenue Office and FÁS building in the heart of Cork City.

Why we need your help?

We want to facilitate artists to present their work with us in this re-imagined space in a cost neutral fashion. Without funding many individual artists and companies find it difficult or impossible to tour their work or participate in events such as ours due to the high costs involved. You can lift that weight off our brightest emerging talent so they can focus on making the great work that they do, sharing it with both the public and their contemporaries and participating in this unique event.

Thank you for your help!

Dawn, Eszter, Ruairi, Shirley




Hello Solstice fans, its been a while since we have been in touch, we hope you are all doing really well. we hope you don't mind us contacting you out of the blue but we need your help with something. (apologies if you are getting this mail out twice, it means you are a super fan and funded Solstice in 2012 and 2013, xoxo) For the first time in over three years Solstice curator Ruairi Donovan is producing and presenting his own work at home in Ireland. His new project WITCHES will open the Cork Midsummer Festival this year and runs at 4am from the 21 - 24 June up at the Lough! This is definitely a spectacle not to be missed and we are so proud of all the work he and his team are doing! Ruairi is running a fundit campaign to pay his dancers and cover production costs for the project over here at... www.fundit.ie/project/witches where he explains all about the project and there is a saucy promo video to check out! (wink wink) The team are trying to raise 4k over the next two weeks so please if you can pledge €10 or €20 or whatever you can, it really makes a difference, lets get the word out and help them over the line. thank you all so much for your support with Solstice over the past three years, we are so delighted that Solstice artists like Ruairi Donovan, Conflicted Theatre Co., Makeshift Ensemble and Eat My Noise are featuring in this years Midsummer festival, let's help them make it happen! Solstice Team p.s. to those of you who have already contributed, seriously thank you - the crowd makes so much great work happen - power to the people! ITS ABOUT COMMUNITY!

It's about hope, and community...

Hello Friends! Its been a little under a year since we have sent you an update through fund it and my what a year it has been, we have been planning and producing, traveling to the four corners of Ireland and Europe and we are so delighted to bring Solstice back for 2012. This year we are setting up in Unit 1 in the iconic Cork landmark The Elysian and presenting 5 days jammed packed with theatre, dance, music and discussion. Solstice was a magical thing last year and we literally couldn't have done it without you, over 150 artists spent four days in Cork presenting their work, developing their practice and engaging with the city. It went so well we just had to do it all again, as you know Solstice is about hope, its about community and we are back on FundIt this year with a new campaign. We are drawing near on 24hrs live on Fund It and we are really blown away by the amazing response so far. We are 9% funded and really excited to be working with you all again this year to make Solstice an incredible event for us all to enjoy. The new campaign is live at http://www.fundit.ie/project/solstice-2012 So we are off to a great start, and thank you so much for your support over the past twelve months. We can feel the love, please talk about our campaign, tell your friends about Solstice and be sure to keep an eye on these updates and our website http://www.solsticecork.com for exciting news and production information on all our wonderful shows! thanks for pledging if you have already, please spread the word, together we can make anything happen! x Solstice

Thank You So Much

We made it! It was scary and exhilarating, but we got there and we have you to thank. It was like playing a strange video game, refreshing the campaign page and watch the figure climb and climb. We are astounded by everyone's generosity and motivated by the response we have received. Each and every penny made a difference. Thank you for your kind donations and for spreading the word. Thank you for all the support along the way. Follow the link below to catch a glimpse of whats happening at Solstice right now! http://vimeo.com/25048243 You are all very dear to us! x Solstice Team

two days to go

Hello Fundit Legends, we are hanging our visual art exhibition today and getting ready for our opening on Wednesday night. Hopefully you have all received an invite to your email address if not here is the text version for you, we would really LOVE to see you all there, we will have lovely refreshments and amazing nibbles, and a great exhibition for you as well as a surprise guest who is sure to entertain. We still have two days to go with our Fund It campaign and we couldn't have done it without you. We need to raise €700 more in order to reach our target so we are hopeful that people who wait till the last minute jump on board and push us over the target. If you know anyone who hasn't pledged yet and might like to please let them know that we are at crunch time and need their support. Solstice is only three days away and what a programme we have for Cork. The Cork tech went great late last week and the first of our national and international artists are arriving in the morning. We are very excited. All of your names will be going in our hat for our final solstice fund it competition which is really something if we don't say so ourselves. You are in with a chance of winning -dinner for two at a great cork restaurant -a bottle of champagne -2 tickets to the incredible Neil Watkins Year of Magical Wanking and 2 tickets to Delicious Cabaret at the Murphys Midsummer Nights by the lee in the Spiegletent AND -1 nights stay for two people including breakfast at the Gabriel House (and they have hens! for fresh eggs!) cant wait to see you all very soon! x Solstice

Its the final countdown!!!!!

Hello Patrons! Hopefully you are all having a great June Bank Holiday weekend. We are on the last leg of our journey and what a journey it has been! We started working on Solstice way back in September of last year! And looking back it really is incredible how much we have all achieved and what is just around the corner. We can't thank you all enough, no really, we cant begin to tell you how important your donations and even seeing your name on that funders wall is to us. The weight of each of your names on that board is motivating us and we know that we have a very special event to deliver to Cork in the little over a weeks time. The finishing line is in sight but the work is by no means over. Our venue is really shaping up, we and a team of trusty volunteers cleaned the Old FAS building from top to bottom, armchairs, and couches and coffee tables made their way from Sullivan's Quay to our third floor home and the Solstice Cafe and Venue are materializing in front of our eyes. We had to take a road trip to Dublin bright and early one morning this week to collect our marley dance floor from the lovely people at Irish Modern Dance Theatre who have kindly donated this vital part of our pop - up venue to us. They aren't the only heroes out there who have donated bits and bobs to us. Our Cork artists have been rehearsing hard at the Theatre Development Centre at the Triskel Arts Centre and the good people at The Granary Theatre have been rigging us out with flats, blacks, lamps and lots of advice! The list goes on and on, so many people, everyone pulling together to make Solstice something to be proud of and remembered. You are on that list as well, thank you for pledging to our campaign, for talking about us and and our event. For everything you have lent us, taught us and helped us with. This week we see the technical rehearsals begin and the first of our national and international artists arrive to Cork. We are sending invitations to our opening night and putting the finishing touches to Solstice. We are nearly there and hopefully you are as excited as we are because it is going to be an amazing four days in the midsummer sun! We still have a little way to go with fund_it, and we would really love your help to push us over the limit, if you know someone who might be interested in supporting our project please let them know about us. We have some fun things planned for this weekend so keep an eye on us! We can't wait to see you all at Solstice. xoxo Dawn, Eszter, Ruairi & Shirley.

Third Week / 41%

Hi Solstice Patrons! Thank you for those of you who have pledged your support to us this week and congratualtions to Philippa, John and Maire who have won tickets to Shadows and MIMIC at the Cork Opera House this week. We hope you enjoyed the show! We are also giving away 2 tickets to "Conversations with Cillian Murphy" for tomorrow evening. Exciting times! Here in Cork we are preparing for the Cork Midsummer Festival launch tomorrow that will coincide with the Solstice day tickets going live! Our shiny new brochures will also take to the streets (and the internet) tomorrow. We are also expanding our team and recruiting 8 interns to join us in the run-up to the event. Everything is becoming tangible and real and excitement levels are definitely rising! Just one month from today Solstice will be in full swing. Thanks for all your support so far and see you in a month! Eszter, Dawn, Shirley and Ruairi ps: book your day passes soon to avoid disappointment!

Second Week / 30%

Hi! Thank you to all our new funders. We are so grateful to everyone and delighted to be at 30% so early on. We are working away! Last Friday we launched our programme! Click on the link below to see it in full! We have an amazing line-up across the four days. http://solsticecork.com/2011/05/06/the-programme/ Three different companies have rehearsed in the Theatre Development Centre @ Triskel since last Tuesday. We are currently finalising our symposium and get-in schedules. Our own brochure is also taking shape! Finishing touches are going on our much improved new website going live very soon. Thank you again for your support! Dawn, Eszter, Ruairi & Shirley

First Week / 19%!

Hi! Thank You for pledging! It is much appreciated. We have now reached 19% (only a little bit to 1/5) Here in Cork things are hotting up as we are getting closer to Solstice. Last week we secured rehearsal space for our Cork based artists @ Theatre Development Centre at Triskel thanks to Corcadorca. We have been uploading programme teaser videos and will launch our full programme this Thursday. Keep an eye on our facebook page to get all the details! If you feel like you would like to support us more we would greatly appreciate if you could mention our event to people, talk about us on facebook or twitter to create a bit of a hype. Thank you again! And hope to see you soon in Cork!

5% in less than an hour

Thank you! We have already covered 5% of our target and we are only live for about an hour. A little pearl of wisdom: The Celts & Slavs celebrated the summer solstice with dancing & bonfires to help increase the sun's energy.

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