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Shorelines Arts Festival - Portumna

By Shorelines Arts Festival


Shorelines Arts Festival takes place in 2011 from September 22nd to September 25th.

Now in its fourth year, Shorelines Arts Festival is the premier midlands arts festival, incorporating a full spectrum of arts events all packed into one exciting weekend.

Shorelines has a strong emphasis on community involvement, ensuring that there are acts and activities for all ages and in venues that provide suitable access for intended audiences. We hold an art and photography exhibition which is fully supported by local and guest artists. In addition we exhibit up to 50 canvases representing all the voluntary groups in the Portumna area. We also give impetus to local writers to launch their writing projects: last year Helen Collins launched her debut collection of poetry, Mark Conroy had his first play staged, and Portumna Pen Pushers launched their "Words While We Wait" collection - with all events being heavily subscribed.

As well as fostering local talent, Shorelines also showcases the best of national talent. During past festivals we've had the pleasure of hosting acts such as Anuna, ConTempo, Noel Monahan, Padraig Breathnach, Matt Keane, Mick Hanley, Michael Coady, Geraldine Mills, Mae Leonard, and many more.

This year, in "pre-Shorlines" events, we've brought acts such as the Galway Gospel Choir, the Irish Writers Center "Peregrine Readings", and ConTempo to Portumna for hugely popular performances.

After the success of the first Shorelines Arts Festival, we decided to make it an annual event and have been, thankfully, going from strength to strength ... and long may it continue!

However, due to the recession, our funding is down considerably this year. We have a shortfall of about €7500, some of which we will raise ourselves through other means (hopefully!), but we are also hoping to raise €3000 through FundIt.ie to cover festival essentials.

Presently, most work is done gratis by our wonderful voluntary committee, but there are some things you just can't avoid paying for, such as quality acts and performers, not to mention performance and exhibition spaces, advertising and marketing. THIS is where YOU come in - we need YOU to pledge money to help us book these acts and spaces to ensure Shorelines Arts Festival continues to remain THE premier arts festival of the midlands.

Shorelines Arts Festival covers the full range of the arts, including (past festivals):

* Music - Declan O'Rourke, Anuna, Mick Hanley, ConTempo, Philip Short
* Drama - Paula Short, Philip Short, Mark Conroy
* Live literary and dramatic performances on boats in the Shannon
* Poetry and Literature - Noel Monahan, Michael Coady, Geraldine Mills, Iggy McGovern, James Harpur, PPP, Marin Dyer
* Art and Photography - yearly exhibition from local and invited artists and photographers
* Film - Eamon Crudden
* Dance - Stephanie Power (of Riverdance) School of Dance
* Sculpture - Shane Gilmore and exhibition by local and invited sculptors
* Comedy - coming for the first time this year
* ... and everything in between ...

Thank you

Shorelines Arts Festival



Ever Get the Feelin' that YOU've been helpful?

Howdy How Shoreliners, How are we all today? What great weather it is - day two of sunshine (it doesn't happen often here in Portumna). You know that little tingle in your tummy at the moment? Do you know what that is? It's the wonderful, warm feeling you get when you help someone one. It's a great feeling, isn't it? YOU have that feeling now because you have made a pledge to Shorelines Arts Festival to help ensure that we can keep providing the quality acts that you have come to love about Shorelines. But, WE have an even bigger tingling in our tummies. That tingling is the feeling of gratitude. We are so, so, so, so, so thankful to YOU, every one of YOU, who has so generously pledged us money. Thanks sooooo much. Now, with only five days left to go, we have only €500 left to raise. This is a very achievable goal, we think. What we need now is for you to post a link on your Facebook page, or a tweet, or an email, or a friendly word to a person on the street, to get us over this final hump. Perhaps instead of doing the Lotto tonight, you or your friend might decide to give a small donation to Shorelines Arts Festival. Thanks again, Mark C www.shorelinesartsfestival.com www.facebook.comm/shorelinesartsfestival www.twitter.com/shorelinesarts http://www.fundit.ie/project/shorelines-arts-festival---portumna

We're nearly there - we're closer than you think

Hi Shoreliners, This is really heating up. Thanks to YOU we're nearly there. We're nearly there! I mean, we are nearly there ... almost. At the moment we have €1650 in the Fundit account and also over €600 that people have handed to committee members to add to this account, meaning that, with nine days to go, we only need to raise about €800. This is very, very achieveable, but not without a little more help from you. Can you (now more than ever) PLEASE text a friend, email a friend, post on Facebook, Tweet, whatever it takes to ask someone - even just one person - to make a small donation to Shorelines Arts Festival via Fundit (or drop the money to any committee member - handiest is to leave it in to Hayes Pharmacy in Portumna) to get us over this final hurdle. The shortest link to the fundit page is this one (it's handy for text messages): http://bit.ly/nY7mCb Thanks a lot and thanks again, Mark C www.shorelinesartsfestival.com www.facebook.com/shorelinesartsfestival www.twitter.com/shorelinesarts http://www.fundit.ie/project/shorelines-arts-festival---portumna

Benchmark - YOU hit a benchmark

It looks like we have hit a benchmark of €1000, but WE haven't, YOU have. Thanks a lot and thanks a lot again. Thanks to you there is now OVER €1000 pledged to Shorelines Arts Festival. Now, let's get to the next benchmark of €2000 before the end of the week. Spread the word; post this link on your Facebook wall and on Twitter (and on anything else you can think of - even the back door of the toilets in the local pub!): http://www.fundit.ie/project/shorelines-arts-festival---portumna Remember, it's YOU that is making this happen, not us. Thanks for YOUR support. Mark C www.shorelinesartsfestival.com www.facebook.com/shorelinesartsfestival www.twitter.com/shorelinesarts

This is getting exciting

This is getting really exciting now. We went from nothing, to a little, to a bit more, to ... well, I don't know, but in the last few days things have really been taking off. We are now at a little over €900 - thanks to all of you who have pledged. Give yourselves a pat on the back (and celebrate by posting a link about your good deed on Facebook and Twitter; then email all your friends about it!). Whilst €900 is great, it's still a long way off the mark, and with only 2 weeks left to go, we really do need to push things out a bit. With your help we can do this. With your help we can turn €900 into €3000. With your help we can ensure that the arts are kept alive in East-Galway. Thanks again to all who have pledged and to those who are going to. Mark C www.shorelinesartsfestival.com www.facebook.com/shorelinesartsfestival www.twitter.com/shorelinesarts

Wow! Thanks, and THANKS Again

Hi Folks, First off - thanks, thanks, thanks for the support so far. It's great to have you (all 24 of you on board). This support means so much to us as the organisers of Shorelines Arts Festival, so much to the artists who perform as it ensures that they can continue to create and perform their great works, and so much to the community here in Portumna who can continue to enjoy the arts on their doorsteps. Secondly - well, thanks again. You are great. Now that you have pledged this money, make sure to tell your friends about it by posting this link on your Facebook wall and linking to it on Twitter: http://www.fundit.ie/project/shorelines-arts-festival---portumna Thirdly - we have just secured the excellent and oh-so-energetic Craiceann to perform two FREE gigs at Shorelines on Saturday 24th September, which we are really excited about For more details, see here: http://shorelinesartsfestival.com/blog/craiceann-confirmed-shorelines-arts-festival-2011 Fourthly - we have an almost complete list of events on our website now. Some events may change time/venue and some more events will be added. See here: http://shorelinesartsfestival.com/calendar-date/2011-09 Finally - Thanks again. Mark C. www.shorelinesartsfestival.com

Micheal D. Higgins Confirmed to Launch Shorelines Arts Festival 2011

First off - THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH to those who have pledged money to us so far. Without you, this could not be possible, you are GREAT. And now, a few short updates about Shorelines Arts Festival: 1) We are delighted to announce Michael D. Higgins as the person who will launch Shorelines Arts Festival 2011. Read more here: http://www.shorelinesartsfestival.com/blog/micheal-d-higgins-confirmed-launch-shorelines-arts-festival-2011 2) We have set up a mailing list on our website to keep people informed about Shorelines Arts Festival and also our interim events that we put on during the year. You can sign up here: http://www.shorelinesartsfestival.com/mailing-list 3) Our Fundit funding initiative is going well, but we are still short of our target. PLEASE consider making a small donation here (there are VERY generous rewards for doing so): http://www.fundit.ie/project/shorelines-arts-festival---portumna 4) Craiceann have just been confirmed to play Shorelines 2011. Who are Craiceann? See for yourself here: http://www.youtube.com/user/craiceannband More updates to follow shortly. Please share this news with everyone. Regards, Mark C. Facebook: www.facebook.com/shorelinesartsfestival Twitter: www.twitter.com/shorelinesarts Web: www.shorelinesartsfestival.com

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