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Shane Hennessy - The Second Album

By Shane Hennessy


Hello and welcome!

On my first album, Zephyrus, I presented nine tracks that I felt captured a wide range of styles of solo acoustic guitar playing, drawing on influences from Traditional Irish, Jazz, and Soul music, as well as traditional Travis-picking guitar playing. Since then, I have explored Classical and Bluegrass Music, as well as developed an interest in Ethnic Fusion music.

My aim is to create an album of 'Visual Music' - music that brings the listener on a journey to a particular place or time. I also want to redefine the boundaries of what can be done on the acoustic guitar both technically and in terms of personal and artistic expression.

I intend to film the recording process and to produce high quality videos for this album, as I believe that this hugely enhances the listening experience, and invites the listener inside both the creative process and performance of the music.

Overall, I'm hoping to create a suite of music which develops the work of Zephyrus, and captures the journey I have been on, developing the complexities of the acoustic guitar.

I will record the music with the fantastic Mal O'Brien. Mal helped me to produce my début album 'Zephyrus' and I feel that we achieved our goals on that recording. I am glad to work with someone who understands the music, as well its goal, as well as I do. His expertise in the recording process is invaluable and together I know we can produce a top-quality album at the standard we both demand!

Alongside my own personal investments in this album, I am seeking your support to ensure that this album is of the highest quality. For this to be the case, I need to extend my funding resources. Your help in this project will ensure that the experience the music warrants is achieved!

If I am successful, all the money will go towards:

- Studio Time
- Mixing
- Mastering
- Promotional Material
- CD Printing
- Filming
- Video Editing
- Graphic Design
- Launch Costs
- Tablature Costs

The only potential challenge I see in producing this album is my penchant for perfectionism - a double edged sword! This will require lots of time and hard work, but I am totally committed to producing an album to the best of my ability as an artist.

Thank you in advance for reading about my project and for your support! I never take my followers for granted and I would not be where I am today without their unwaivering support. I look forward to bringing you along on the next step of my journey!